9 reasons why everyone should leave Russia

Material? Not at all. In this sense, we, the inhabitants of megacities, are happier than others (although, of course, not in money is happiness). Salaries allow you to look at the world with more confident eyes, to stand firm on your feet, to please yourself with some pleasant trifles.

But man does not live by bread alone.

Unfortunately, living in Russia, I can not buy for anything what I want.

This is what we need to talk about.

1. Security

It is not. Militia was renamed the police, the military promised big salaries, all the siloviki are disguised as a new uniform with a needle. Did this effect? No, if you still want to go to the other side of the street when you see the policeman. No, if the wives on the day of the salary inspect husbands, how not to be robbed by the police.

No, if the driver keeps several hundred bills in the passport in case of a sudden bribe to the inspector. No, if a person in the form enters a supermarket and shoots people.

Do you believe the police? Me not. And we have long ago moved away from the stage “the police do nothing, so there is no sense from it” and went to a new level “the police do a lot of things, so it should be feared”.

2. Health

I have medical insurance and there is money for the fact that this insurance does not include, for example, dentistry. However, in order to go to the doctor, I need a long consultation with friends and acquaintances, so as not to get to a layman.

I still remember with horror one Moscow clinic where doctors work, who do not have the right to medical activity. And the clinic and no one thinks to close it!

The dentist once found a caries in my implant.

Against the background of all this, just fantastic medicines and recipes. A pediatrician who prescribes all the children with homoeopathic drugs. Ministry of Health, promoting medicines, the effectiveness of which is not confirmed by any studies. Finally, numerous multidisciplinary clinics that grow throughout the country like mushrooms after the rain.

Find a good specialist – it’s not just a difficult, sometimes almost unattainable. Not to mention all those subtleties that are cunningly spelled out in the insurance policy. This is included in the insurance, but it’s paid. For some reason, we have paid more than half of the possible services.

3. Education

It’s no secret that the level of education falls. Parents send their children to study in foreign universities, and I get horrified when friends and students talk about what they are trying to teach. Abstracts are downloaded from the Internet, paid for the course – received a diploma.

4. Unprofessionalism

It follows directly from the preceding paragraph. We entered an era of unprofessionalism in all areas, from medicine to laundry. People forgot how to write business letters. Please read the text on the screen causing panic.

The next example will be understood not only by IT people, but also by people who know English. The system administrator of one of the Moscow airports (with a red diploma from one of the most famous Moscow technical universities) argued to my friend, also the administrator, that there is a difference between static routing and static routing.

The next time you swear on the delay in the flight at the airport, remember what specialists work there.

And this is just one example, in one area.

5. Real Estate

Lack of opportunity to buy a home in your city. Excessively inflated prices for apartments.

Not long ago, one man calculated that if he sold his miserable Khrushchev on the outskirts of Moscow, which is in a practically emergency house, he could buy a castle in the Czech Republic.

In this case, even with housing, you are not immune from the fact that tomorrow will not begin the construction of the next Olympics (or anything), when your house will be left for demolition.

6. Corruption

The rule “do not podmazhesh – you will not go.” Do you know how to pay bribes? I can not. However, bribery everywhere, everywhere, everywhere you need to “shove”, “give”, “thank”. IKEA is closing its business in Russia, there will be no more expansions, because IKEA also does not know how to give bribes.

7. Low quality of all products

That’s it, I was not wrong, from yogurt to cars. About the Russian automobile industry, there is much to say, but we will limit ourselves to what has already been said. In general, not the best in our car industry. And if we talk about food, about clothes, then just a song.

I live in St. Petersburg, Finland is near, recently one day tours to Finnish shops have become very popular.

At first I did not understand what salt was, then it became clear. We have two identical shampoos, one and the same brand. One is made in Russia, the second in Finland. Day and night. In the first case – zhidenkaya vodichka. In the second – really shampoo, from which the hair becomes “silky and shiny.”

Meat, fish, milk, no comparison. Why is that? I dont know. I do not understand why tiny Finland supplies our country with dairy products. I do not understand why a tiny Israel supplies a huge Russia with radish and strawberries.

Prices are also astounding. One and the same goods are different in Finland and Finland. Or take the T-shirts. Good American T-shirts are mountain. In the US – 16-20 dollars. In the Russian online store 50-60. In a real store 100. This is how to understand? And in all this.

8. Complete disrespect for the rights and freedoms of the individual

I will not paint this item for a long time, I will limit myself to saying that “the Soviet court is the most humane court in the world”. The main reason for paragraph 8 in the next paragraph.

9. But now the point that outweighs all previous

This is the point, and not the previous one, that makes you think about moving to another country. What it is? This is the so-called veteran’s syndrome, this is disrespect for other people, this intolerance, sometimes bordering on fascism.

Imagine for a moment that this is what happened and the whole government, all officials tragically died in one day. What will happen in a week, a month? There will be the same faces in the same places. Why? Because people do not change, because for some reason I do not understand, we have such people.

This conductor in the train, yelling at the old woman, who did not immediately find her travel card. This is a hamster-registrar in the city polyclinic. It’s a policeman who beats a guy without a propiska. It’s a man blowing his nose at the pavement. A colleague who steals a stapler from work and complains of thievery in the state to you. A lady planting a child for a small need in the tambour … and then wondering what it is that the young people are comfortable with in the elevator.

More examples are needed? How to you an example with the controller who pulls out a purse from the “hare” to get out of it at least some bribe? A schoolteacher, who calls children tupory monsters? A teacher of the kindergarten, which seals the children with tape, “not to scream,” and you can not fire her, because “well-deserved and in general no one else will work for five thousand”?

I do not know, I really do not know why we have such people. At one time it seemed to me that perhaps in the Soviet era, in principle, equalization, in the extermination of the elite, but how little is there. However, Tolstoy, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Turgenev are remembered, in a word, our classics, when you read that you begin to understand that it has always been so. Why? I do not know. So it happened historically.

Actually, here are nine items, only nine items that speak for themselves eloquently.

Of course, I can object. To say that not everything is so terrible. To say that we must fight for our happiness, for a bright future. But why should I fight for the future? Sorry, friends, I’m not a warrior, I’m a modest admin.

I do not want a bright future, I want a peaceful present.

What is my contribution to society, you ask? For a long time I answered for myself this question. Yes, I’m neither a warrior nor a revolutionary. I do not care who will stand over me – red, white, green or blue. I just want a quiet life.

I want to do well and qualitatively what I know, because, it seems to me, this is the principle that should be the foundation of any state. But I do my job well, do not steal, do not take bribes, respect the people around me.

I pay taxes, moreover, I’m ready to pay not 13 percent of my income, but, say, 20 or even 25, if only there was peace and order around me. I’m ready to pay for even roads, green parks, clean air and cozy houses. For my part, I seem to have done everything, my part of the contract is done. And where is the part that the state should provide? I do not see.

I repeat, I have neither the will nor the physical ability to run around the squares with flags in my teeth, make skirmishes and fight the police. I just want a quiet life. Do I really have no right to this just because I was born here, and not in another country? Be patient, is this our homeland, son? But I do not want to endure.

Why do we have to endure all the time? For the graves of ancestors? So their memory is in my heart, not in the ground. For the sake of birch? Birches grow almost everywhere. For the sake of his native city? Yes, this is an argument, but my city (Petersburg) has been plundered for many years by a rabble of bureaucrats.

Have you ever walked in the streets in the streets under threat at any time to be either killed by an icicle (if you walk on the sidewalk) or a downed car (if you’re walking along the roadway)? I have to do this every winter. For what?

Conclusions from all of the above I make very simple. It is necessary to act, than I do. Become not just a specialist, but a sought-after specialist. Learn and learn the language. And choose a country to live in.

Is it because of this that I … a traitor to my homeland? Just because I want to be “living in a house,” and not “living at the address?” Live, not survive. Do not adjust and not learn to give bribes. That’s what I want most.

Naturally, I’m not the brain that flows. I’m an ordinary person who wants ordinary life. What is the betrayal of something?