Do I regret if your IQ is less than 150?

If you have an IQ from 90 to 110, then you are within the norm. Unfortunately, on the scale of IQ you are not smart and not stupid – you are the same as 50% of the rest. Despite the fact that the test does not take into account many factors, there is no other way to test your intellect.

But still the IQ test shows the correct results, as evidenced by the scores of famous people. For example, the result of the brilliant chess player Bobby Fisher – 187, Bill Gates – 160. It is very strange that in the IQ tables of famous people the name of Leonardo da Vinci with the result of 180 often walks, despite the fact that the IQ test was developed only in 1912. It’s unclear how true these results are, so it’s better to listen to the stories of real people with Quora, whose IQ is above 150.

Leon Matthias

When Leon was 13 years old, he scored 161 points in the IQ test, conducted by the British division of the Mensa Society. After a while he was not taken to Oxford University, then to Cambridge. After that, he failed 7 out of 15 exams, getting the specialty of an accountant.

It’s not about IQ points, but how diligently you work and use the opportunities you’ve got.

Kam Mi Pham

A few years ago, Cam talked to a man who claimed to have one of the highest IQ test results in Toronto – around 160. He also talked about his brother, who is also very smart.

Later Kam found out that this man is a laborer, and his brother works as a salesman at a gas station. They justify it by the fact that they are bored with working their heads and do not want to strain.

Alfred Singleton

In 1966, Alfred passed the IQ test and received a phenomenal result of 170+ points. At that time it was the limit of the test. Now Alfred is 54 years old, and he does not believe that his life is different from that of other people with a lower intelligence. He has a second half, good work and a sufficient level of comfort and safety.

And he also solves crossword puzzles well.

Michael Johnson

Michael’s IQ is 162, and he considers himself a complete idiot. He thinks that life is hard and, perhaps, he can understand things easier than others. But what to do with this skill, he does not know.

Tony Reno

Tony believes that the secret of high IQ and a successful life is a love of reading. It is love. Making myself read is practically meaningless.

Tony had problems with peers in his childhood, which he got rid of after reading a book by Dale Carnegie. Reading books on basketball helped Tony join the university team. He also believes that high IQ does not make life easier, but there are other secret ingredients:

  1. A good mentor.
  2. Motivation for action.
  3. Reading books written by people who know their business.
  4. Ability to rejoice, not envy successes of other people.

The IQ test can show how well you solve problems, recognize the missing figure and determine the missing number. But there is no test that predicts your success and achievements in advance. And it’s not so bad.