How to store a bicycle at home

One of the reasons why many people have not yet bought a two-wheeled friend is that there is simply no place to store it. And although this is more of an excuse than a real reason, in a small apartment it is really not very convenient to store a bicycle. Of course, if you’re going to just put it in a corner. Here are some great ideas, where to put your transport, so that he does not interfere with anyone and even decorated the apartment.

On different sites I found enough ideas for keeping a bicycle. In most cases, special devices and stands are sold in foreign online stores, but this does not mean that you can not make them yourself.

A little work with your hands, a creative approach – and your bike will not hurt anyone else.

Bike + shelf for small items and not only

Bicycle as decoration

We climb above

If there are many

I hope some of these ideas will help you optimize space and place your bike so that it does not interfere.

If you have ideas of how best to store a bicycle at home, share them in the comments.