How to take good care of domestic cats

Do I regularly need to take the cat to the vet?

It does not matter how you got a cat – got it from friends, came from a nursery or you found it on the street. The first thing is to show the animal to the vet. Even if the owner of the kennel assures that everything is in order with the cat, it is better to personally verify this. What to say about the animal from the street, who had a difficult life before meeting you.

Once a year, you need to do a cat vaccinated.

Yes, your pet is extremely domestic and does not go anywhere. But you can not even imagine how insidious the viruses are.

If you have not bought an animal for breeding, castrate it. After that, your pet will start an absolutely carefree life.

Drops and pills that suppress sexual hunting, cause inflammation of the genitourinary system. In the worst case – oncological diseases. Giving them to an animal is not recommended.

how to care for a cat: a visit to a veterinarian

What to feed the cats? What can not be given?

Do not skimp on the stern. You will not eat one potato? Approximately the same nutritional value for feed of economy class. Talk about a full-fledged diet can be, if the food costs from 400 rubles per kilogram. Employees of shelters who work with Teddy Food, choose this category of feed, so as not to spend large sums on the treatment of animals from problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Cats do not get tired of crackling the same food all their life. In nature, they eat the same mice and birds and are satisfied with this state of affairs. If you want to diversify the cat’s menu, add a moist feed of the same brand as the dry one.

Categorically it is impossible to mix natural and dry food, as well as dry forages of different brands. To feed cats with human food is also not recommended.

Adult cats do not digest lactose, which is contained in milk, so it is useless to treat them to an animal. From fish, too, you need to give up – the harm from it more than good.

Do not forget about clean filtered water. It should always be in a bowl.

how to care for a cat: food

Do I need to wash the cat? How to get rid of parasites?

If you decide to bathe a cat, first answer these questions:

  • Did she get dirty?
  • Does she participate in the exhibition?
  • Is she old or sick and can not lick herself?

If for each item you answered negatively, leave this idea. It will be better for a cat and for you.

Ears can be cleaned and needed if the mite has settled in them. In other cases, they should not be touched. Teeth need to be cleaned if tartar has appeared on them. This can only be done in a veterinary clinic.

Even if the cat is domestic, it is not immune from the appearance of fleas. If they have appeared, it is necessary to put anti-block drops on the withers and treat the animal with an anthelmintic preparation. Give a tablet of worms even a healthy cat needs every year – two weeks before vaccination.

If the animal walks on the street, a collar from insects is mandatory. But it does not always help. With a walk the cat can return with a tick, then you will have to go to the clinic to remove the parasite.

how to care for a cat: hygiene

What do you need to remember while holding a cat in an apartment?

  • Clean toilet and clean bowls – it’s an axiom.
  • A cat’s couch can be vacuumed and sometimes washed so that fleas and other parasites do not start up in it.
  • Lattices or grids on windows are required. Cats do not know how to fly, only to fall.
  • Do not leave the plastic window in the ventilation mode when you leave the house. The animal can get stuck in it.
  • Be sure to remove the poisonous plants from the house. A cat can get to them, eat and poison.

how to care for a cat: basic rules

The author of illustrations is Alyona Vedernikova