How to train dogs with a clicker

Training dogs using a clicker is one of the most common and effective methods. The master develops the desired actions in the pet by means of positive reinforcement. Scientific researchPositive Reinforcement in Dog Training. showed that this method is much more effective than other methods.

The essence of the method

Positive reinforcement involves teaching the animal not through punishment for misconduct, but by approving the right one.

A clicker is a device that makes a sound when you press a button. Buy it can be in any store for animals. It is inexpensive and extremely easy to use. But there is also a very cheap alternative to the clicker – click the handle.

dog training: clicker

The clicker produces a specific sound signal. With his help, the dog understands that he has performed the right action and will soon receive a reward. Click is not a reward, but a signal about it. Be sure to encourage your pet: stroke or give something tasty.

How to train a dog

We develop an associative connection

First of all, you must develop an associative relationship between the sound of the clicker and the reward from your dog. Give a signal every time you are going to give the pet food. After a while, the sound will inform the animal that the meal is close.

During the day, click on the clicker before you show the food to the dog. After that, treat the pet. When you notice that the dog is waiting for promotion after the click, you can proceed to the second stage.

Do not forget about the award

Watch the behavior of the dog. At the moment when she performs the action you need, click and reward her. Do it all the time. When the dog starts to lie at your feet all the time, obviously hoping for a reward, start teaching it to the teams.

We learn simple commands

Start with the simplest, for example, “Lie.” The pet lays down, you immediately pronounce the command and use the clicker. After a while, you will need only a word for the dog to perform the action.

dog training: teams

Then you can go to the visual commands. Do you want to teach a dog to give a paw? Give her your hand. The animal will understand that you want something from it, and will try different options. When the dog decides to give a paw, use the clicker.

We complicate the training

By teaching your pet simple commands, you can proceed to develop more complex forms of behavior. For example, you can teach a dog to stop barking at others. Do not forbid her to bark. Wait until her aggression subsides, and then use the clicker. Regularly repeating this procedure, you will develop the necessary connection in the dog.

What is good clicker

Increases the dog’s confidence

Since this is a method of positive, not negative reinforcement, the dog will not be afraid of making a mistake. This gives the pet confidence in their actions.

Increases the initiative of the dog

One of the advantages of this method is the development of creativity in animals. Knowing that to get a reward you need to do something, the dog will be more willing to try to guess the wishes of the owner.

Allows you to achieve results most quickly

ResearchClicker Bridging Stimulus Efficacy. showed that the technique of training using the clicker gives results faster than other methods. Scientists conducted an experiment in which two groups of dogs were trained by teams in different ways. Dogs trained by the clicker, mastered new forms of behavior 20 minutes faster than those who were brought up only in words. To achieve results using the clicker method, it took 38 primary reinforcements less.

Produces desire in the dog to obey

Since the master does not resort to training for violence, but uses positive reinforcement, the dog trusts him. Training is associated with positive emotions, and not with fear.

It’s fun

The dog is happy, because she gets a treat. The owner is also happy, because the pet clears before his eyes.