Life is a game. Instruction for passage

Real life is a game we all play with great enthusiasm. It can be beautiful or cruel, and everyone chooses what it will be. Here is a short guide to the most interesting game called “Life”.

Basics of the game

You may not realize this, but real life is a game in the strategy genre. It includes various mini-games, such as dancing, driving, running or sex, and the key to winning the whole game is the proper allocation of resources.

The difference between pros and losers is what they spend their time on, their most valuable resource. And what about the money? Yes, it is also a very valuable resource, but still the main priority remains with time, and to win, you should always know what it’s going to take.


Your game begins with the fact that your character (that is, you) is born with a random character, in random circumstances. After this, the first 15 years of your life you go through study missions that can not be missed.


The beginning of a serious game

Like every young player, you have a lot of energy and time, but almost no experience. Many things, such as the best work, expensive property and partners, are not available for you for the time being.

This is the time when you constantly raise your level, and your experience grows rapidly. You will never again have as much free time for training and as much energy as at this age.

Your main task is to use time as fruitfully as possible. Remember, every case that you do, pumps your skills and changes the position in the game:


It may seem that this is too simple for life: chose the right skills, pumped them, and order, you can win. Of course, life is a bit more complicated in life, because you do not see a branch of talent and you can not accurately predict what skill is useful for, you are only guessing about it. In addition, your body does not always obey and performs everything that you have planned. Why? Let’s figure it out.

How to make your body obey

You are different from the computer game character in that your body does not always obey the dictates of the mind. For example, when you order yourself to go to the gym, the body completely ignores this wonderful, in fact, impulse.

This is not a bug in the game, everything is thought out and logical. You have a special “state scale”, which, unfortunately, you do not see. It looks something like this:


If some criterion of your state is too low, your body does not agree to perform what you want. For example, try to learn something, when you are exhausted or hungry, and you will see how difficult it is, it is almost impossible.

Also your willpower scale is very important. You have a certain amount of willpower per day, it rises slightly during meals and is fully restored during a deep night’s sleep. If you have used up your will power, and it is at a very low level, you can only do what you really like.

Remember that every decision in favor of a less attractive option (for example, to go to the gym instead of watching an interesting film at home), takes some amount of willpower.

There are several tricks that will help maintain your behavior in the given line of play:

  1. Maintain tone. If you are tired, want to eat or be sad, your willpower will be at a low level. So it’s worth taking care of your character so that he can do anything.
  2. Rationally distribute tasks. Remember that willpower is a resource that needs to be replenished, and do not spend it too much. If you have several tasks that require a lot of willpower, scatter them on different days, mixing them with more pleasant ones for you.
  3. Do the most important tasks first. If you have a really important matter, it’s worth spending a lot of your often willpower on it. It will be more difficult for you to perform other tasks, but the main tasks will be performed perfectly and on time.
  4. Remove the temptations. If you are tempted to switch from a difficult job to an easy entertainment, you will need more willpower to do this. As a result, the temptation will draw out more valuable resources from you, and you can not finish the work on time. For example, you compose a report, and in a neighboring tab a page in the social network is opened. You always want to switch, climb on other people’s pages and public places, and this exhausts you more than you can imagine.

It turns out that The key to success in the game is to correctly combine your body’s state and performance of the necessary tasks

Choosing the right tasks

Choosing the right tasks at the right time is one of the main points in the game. Some tasks more affect your state:


Other tasks – on your skills and abilities:


You need to take time to help you stay in perfect condition, for example, eat well and sleep out to support willpower. And after that you have to spend this resource (willpower) on the pumping of your skills and abilities.

Some skills are more valuable, and some of them can even open you the whole way, like a branch of talent:


Others are independent and have no continuation:


The most effective is to acquire several skills and combine them. It is very difficult to become the best in any field, developing just one skill is almost impossible. Much easier select several related skills, related to each other, and pump them all.


Your surroundings are of great importance for your status, skills and chances to raise the level. In fact, you can play anywhere, but in certain places – it’s much easier. For example, if you play for a woman in a number of countries, some opportunities for you will be closed.

The chances of fully revealing yourself exactly in the place where you were originally, can be very mediocre. Therefore, after you determine the tasks for yourself, consider the option of changing the location. If in a new place you can achieve more, it is better to develop skills and improve the state, why not?

Partner search

Involvement of partners is an additional mini-game within the framework of the main one, and success in it, more often than not, depends on how well you go through the storyline.

If you have a good condition and skills, you already have a good chance of winning a mini-game.


At the beginning of the game, you can reject partners and be rejected. This is normal, but sometimes negative experience has a bad effect on the player’s condition. In order to advance further in this mini-game, the player must accumulate enough willpower and continue to move forward.

80% of the success in finding a partner depends on the attractiveness of the player, and if it is, then it spends time on the right things. If you love your work, radiate kindness and optimism, you automatically become attractive.

The remaining 20% ​​of success depends on the opportunity to be in the right place to meet your other half. That is, if you are all attractive, but apart from work and at home, you are unlikely to find a partner.

Money money money

Later in the game you will need to manage the resource “money”. Most players understand that you can increase the amount of money at the beginning of the game (take a loan or lend), but, in fact, this is more of a problem than an advantage.


The most important rule of money: never borrow money if you do not plan as a result of get even more. For example, if you take out a loan for training, invest in your profession, which will provide you with a good income, this is rational. And if you take a loan for new shoes or a new smartphone model – it’s irrational and will not bring you anything but losses.

Here are a few strategies for dealing with finance:

  1. Does not think about money. This is a strategy of reduced stress: you just live within your income and have a little “for a rainy day.” Make sure that you spend your free time correctly, then there will be no regrets.
  2. Rich. Carefully choose a career and environment, and prepare to move quickly up. You have to invest a lot in the appropriate skills, which will take a lot of your time, and carefully monitor your condition so as not to burn at work.
  3. Very rich. You start your own business, because you can not become very rich, working for someone (in principle, in our realities to become simply rich without your business is also very difficult). If you allocate your resources correctly, you will not need to work at all.

Old age

Your chances are changing during the game. Wedding and children will take up your time and energy, and also bring a lot of random elements into your game. This slows down your development and pumping skills, but gives you its advantages.

Old characters have a lot of developed skills, resources and experience, so for them quests are open, which are not yet available to younger players. For example, they have enough resources to write a good novel (experience + time) or buy a house (not all of course, it’s important, what strategy about the money you chose).


After 80 years, players are usually out of the game. If you have health skills, you can stretch out a lot longer, but cheating methods for this have not yet been invented.

At the very beginning of the game you have no influence whatsoever in which environment and with what abilities you begin. The same goes for the end of the game: everything is already determined by the way you behaved throughout the game. It depends on this, how you finish your game: healthy, happy and happy, or not.

Therefore, your strategy is very important: by the time you understand how to play, most of the best moments are over.

That’s all. Continue to play.