Test of 4 questions: find out your character, with your arms crossed

This little funny test, of course, will not reveal all the secrets of your character, but perhaps you will learn something new about yourself. There are only four simple questions in it, and you will spend a minute of time to answer them and read the result.

Most likely, you can not stop and start pestering with this test to friends and acquaintances. Everyone is interested in knowing something about themselves, especially if you do not have to answer a hundred questions for this.

If you are afraid to forget the chosen figures, be sure to stock up with a pencil and a small piece of paper before passing the test.

So, here are four questions:

1. Fold your fingers in the lock

If the thumb of the left hand was on top, put the number 1, and if the top finger of the right hand – 2.

2. Imagine that you need to aim, close one eye

If you closed your right eye, put 1, if left – 2.

3. Cross your arms over your chest

Which hand is on top? If the right – 2, if the left – 1.

4. Clap your hands

If the left hand is from above, then the last digit is 1, if the right one is 2.

That’s all, and now the results:

  • 2222 – you have a stable type of character, you are a conservative. Do not like conflicts and disputes.
  • 2221 – you are a very indecisive person.
  • 2212 – you are sociable, find a common language with almost any person.
  • 2111 – you are fickle, do everything yourself, do not seek the support of others.
  • 2211 – a rare combination. You are sociable and have a fairly mild character.
  • 2122 – you have an analytical mind and softness of character. You treat everything carefully, show some coldness in dealing with others.
  • 2121 – the rarest combination. You are defenseless and subject to the influence of people.
  • 1112 – you are emotional, energetic and resolute.
  • 1222 – the combination occurs quite often. You do not show persistence and perseverance in solving life issues, are subject to someone else’s influence. At the same time, you are emotional and communicative, have charisma.
  • 1221 – emotionality, lack of perseverance, very mild character, naivety.
  • 1122 – you are a friendly person, but at the same time a little naive and simple. Are inclined to self-study, the analysis of their actions. There are a lot of interests, but not enough time.
  • 1121 – you trust people very much, and you have a gentle character. Most likely, you are a creative person.
  • 1111 – you adore change and look for a non-standard approach to ordinary things. Creativity plays a very important role in your life. Strong emotions, pronounced individualism, selfishness. You are stubborn and selfish, but it does not stop you from living.
  • 1212 – you are a strong spirit person. You can say, rested, reach the set goals.
  • 1211 – you are inclined to introspection, a little closed, quite difficult to meet people. However, you have a strong spirit, and if you set a goal, most likely, it will be achieved.
  • 2112 – you have an easy character, you calmly find new friends, make friends and often change hobbies.

P.S. The main thing – do not take the results too seriously. 🙂 

Well, it looks like you? Share the results in the comments!