30 ideas for new photos

1. Do not lie on the beach

Summer is difficult to imagine without rest on the beach. However, do not rush to rest on the sunbed. Take a stroll along the coast. Take pictures of children frolicking in the water, beautiful (almost naked) girls, companies playing beach volleyball, couples on catamarans. Fix the moments of joy and warmth in the photographs, which will be especially pleasing in a few months.

2. Organize a beach party with friends

Gather friends on the beach. You can arrange a party in Hawaiian style, taking care of accessories. In your company, someone has already got children – fine! Let them build castles of sand. At this time, adults also do not need to sit around – let them take the ball, rackets for badminton or frisbee.

Organizing this party, taking good care of the details, you will not only receive thanks from friends for a great weekend, but also be able to make photos that radiate joy and warmth. And they always succeed.

3. Look up

In nature, where you can see the open sky, you can watch the clouds for hours. Practice your imagination: imagine what clouds look like. And in the city, look at the roofs of the buildings. Many architectural details deserve more attention. Even better, if you take with you a familiar architect who will tell you about the individual elements – an excellent excuse to expand your vocabulary.

4. Meet the sunrises and see off the sunsets

Summer is the most suitable time of the year to meet and see off the sun. The sky is painted in a variety of colors, and the mood inevitably becomes more romantic. Thoughts calm down, and you do not want to rush anywhere – it’s time to experiment with the camera settings. Notice how the sun, which is at different angles, illuminates objects. Catch the magic of the shadows that transform the world around you.

5. Rent a boat

In summer, you should not miss the opportunity to ride a water transport. You can take a ticket to the ship or rent a boat. Walking along the water is possible not only in the Mediterranean. The rivers and lakes in the vicinity of the place where you live are also beautiful!

6. Find the disappearing objects of residential architecture

Take a series of pictures devoted to dilapidated buildings. Perhaps, the tenants of these houses are waiting to wait, when their old dwellings will be demolished and they will be able to move to standard new buildings. They can be understood. However, in the buildings of the middle of the last century there is still beauty. And it is very likely that in a couple of decades these houses will remain only in your photos.


7. Find a courtyard of exemplary content

In some houses, you can still see the tablets “Courtyard of exemplary content”, preserved from Soviet times. And here and now, the most well-groomed courtyards are awarded. Spend your competition: take pictures of the best playgrounds, the most beautiful flower beds or the most original birdhouses.

8. Spend the whole day at the zoo

After spending a day at the zoo, you can relax and achieve peace. And, of course, cell dwellers should be photographed. Shooting animals requires some patience, there is no place for haste. Stay at the cage, then, perhaps, you’ll be lucky enough to catch an interesting moment when the animal relaxes. Additional tips:

  • Learn beforehand what time the animals are fed, so as not to catch everyone sleeping.
  • Do not dress too bright to scare animals away.
  • In many zoos, you can buy treats for animals (of course, of special dressings, not about what is sold to satisfy the hunger of visitors).
  • Come to the zoo when the weather is not so good, or on a weekday – so you can avoid crowds of people and screaming children by the cells.

9. Look at the racetrack

Almost every child loves horses. With age, the majority of this passion for some reason passes. However, the photographer should pay attention to these graceful animals. Qualitative photos of fast horses participating in the race, or graceful poses of those who overcome the next obstacle in competitions in jumping, are highly valued on photoshoots. Even if there are no competitions in your city, you can take photos in training at the riding school – there is enough grace for beginning jockeys.

10. Seals – the key to success

Where do not see seals in the photo? Think of a theme and make a series of photos with cats, they will surely be a success! For example, photograph the cats in the windows. If you basically act on the side of dogs, then for you the idea is dogs and their masters. Everyone knows the idea that dogs are like their owners. Try to convey this in your pictures.

11. Arrange a photo session for your pet

Surely all your subscribers in Instagram are already crazy about your cat or doggie. But try to make a professional photoset for your pet. Choose the right background, arrange lighting. Find unusual angles, experiment with different objects. In the end, dress up a pet, if he does not mind. The main thing – be patient! Animals are not the most accommodating models. But the pictures with them are always very popular.

12. Have fun, as in childhood

How long have you been riding an attraction? Ferris wheel, carousels, waltzing boats, electric cars, shooting range, road trains, trampoline, catapult and, of course, sweet cotton wool – all these attributes of amusement parks look great in photos! It is not necessary to fall into the very childhood (though why miss the opportunity?), But to capture all this joy is definitely worth it. Especially this idea will be useful to those who like to enhance the saturation of colors in photographic processing. Here it will be absolutely appropriate.

Varvara_113 / Depositphotos.com

13. Take your favorite path

Let it be your usual way to work or to the store. Surely you have already optimized the route and remember every turn. But this time it will take much longer. Try to pass it from beginning to end, paying attention to those details that you miss in a hurry. The camera will allow you to look at the familiar road in a new way.

14. Visit the nearest village

Rural motifs are a great topic for photos. Shoot landscapes, buildings, residents for their usual work, animals. Ask people to talk about themselves. Then you can make not just isolated pictures, but cognitive photo stories.

15. Photograph hardworking people

As folk wisdom says, you can look endlessly at how other people work. Ask your friends what they do. Perhaps their work is not as boring as it seemed to you. Of course, you are particularly lucky if you can ride in the subway cabin or go to the hangar with airplanes. But also work in the office is a great object for shooting, and quite popular on photoshoots.

16. Make friends with the representatives of “beautiful” professions

Today find make-up artist it will not be difficult even in the radius of a couple of neighboring houses. Offer make-up artist your services. He will receive high-quality photos of his work, and you – a portfolio of portrait photos.

Such cooperation often has a synergistic effect – the circle of clients of both the photographer and the make-up artist is expanding.

17. Make a series of portraits of local bright personalities

It’s not about famous people – it’s not so easy to get to them. Start with ordinary citizens. Among them, too, you can find very unusual people. In parks, near universities, nightclubs, shopping centers, choose the most unusual, stand out from the crowd of personalities. Ask them for permission to take pictures. Bright people tend to love attention and will be only happy to pose for you.

 18. Become the most dedicated fan of local musicians

Even in small towns there are talents – singers, rock bands, DJs. Attend their performances. A photo spread on the pages in social networks. Chances are that, in a couple of albums of high-quality photos, musicians will thank you, even to yourself, for a rehearsal. By the way, the performers of classical music are no exception.

stokkete / Depositphotos.com

19. Pabolite for the local sports team

Even if you are not a fan of sports, and the local team is far from the Champions League, emotional moments are enough in any game. Pay attention to the fans: they believe in their team and are sincerely worried about it.

20. Find yourself in the middle of the crowd

Whether it’s a busy street at rush hour or a shopping center on a day off, concert, competition or celebration of an event on a city scale – do not be afraid to be in the very center of the crowd. Take a picture after the picture, do not hesitate and do not spare the place on the memory card. The crowd changes very quickly and is unique at every moment, like the sea or clouds. “Catch” bright people, facial expressions, communication between people or, conversely, those who are lonely and thoughtful in the midst of a noisy crowd.

21. Wait for the next bus

Weekend in the morning, come to one of the major stops and shoot people waiting for transport – trams, trolley buses, buses, minibuses, electric trains. Even for a short time at the stop, you can take pictures of many very different people. And all of them will carefully peer into the distance in anticipation of their transport or ponder the forthcoming work day, and you will not be paid any attention.

22. Go to the playground

In your yard or in one of the neighboring there is a well-equipped playground for sure. Usually at a certain time of the day, children from the nearest houses gather here. This time can give you a lot of bright various pictures. Or maybe you even offer a personal photo session to one of the parents.

23. Visit the exhibition or conference

Of course, not every summer day pleases with excellent weather. On a rainy day, it’s better to choose indoor imagery. For example, you can go to an exhibition or attend a conference. While others are absorbed in the subject matter of the exposition or report, you can photograph them – enthusiastic, busy with thoughts and ideas.

24. Go to the market

Notice how beautiful the counters are in the markets. Sellers are laying out the goods the most attractive party. Especially luxurious are usually counters with fruits and vegetables, and sellers behind them are often very friendly. However, do not irritate them and take pictures secretly. It is better to praise the goods and ask permission to photograph the seller together with the counter, for sure it will only flatter it.

boggy22 / Depositphotos.com

25. Photograph the process of cooking

Cook. And in the process, remove the cooking process. Apples, cut into straight slices, sugar, a hill of flour with an egg, neatly broken into the center, cream. Or, maybe, neat sections of onion, cubes of vegetables, meatballs made of minced meat, boiling broth. From this it can turn out to be a good dinner. And at the same time and a few mouth-watering photos.

26. Spread the food nicely

Grandmother taught in childhood that throwing food is not good. However, art requires sacrifice! Arrange the chaos of the products. Or create a picture of bright pieces. Try to take pictures of bursts of liquids, explosions of loose products, the process of grinding and mixing. Use various kitchen tools and appliances.

27. Arrange photo hunting … on people

Of course, it is impolite to shoot people without their permission. Although street photographers often violate the rules of etiquette. And not in vain. The worst that can happen: you will be asked to remove the camera. At the same time, people who do not know that they are being photographed are more natural.

28. Be a bad photographer

Especially risky is to try to shoot people against their will. Irritation, anger and anger are also emotions, albeit negative, but vivid and expressive. However, you will hardly be able to get a model release for such images. But the artistic value of photography does not diminish.

29. Be a Good Photographer

Photographer’s services can be useful in organizations such as orphanages and animal shelters. Contact the coordinators of charitable projects in your city, offer your help. Do a good deed.

30. Collect

Become a collector of certain objects. This can be road signs, graffiti or grilles on the windows. Explore your city, but do not forget about the collection when you go on vacation. Create a blog and regularly replenish it with new “exhibits”. Perhaps you will be supported by others, then your blog will grow to the community. But if not, then your collection will still be an excellent opportunity to explore new territories in search of interesting topics for photos.