10 photo-lifhaks for organizing cables

1. Tags

Tags can be bought, but you can do it yourself. One thing is clear – both options will help make the work with wires faster and more organized.
The method “now I pull and see where this wire leads” will remain in the past.

order in wires

order in wires

2. Clips

Excellent clips for the wires can make clips on Velcro.

If desired, such clips can be found in a stationery store or ordered on the Internet.

3. Cardboard rolls

At these geeks, a roll of toilet paper serves up to the full end 🙂

4. Clamps

The thickness of the table or the attachment point should not be too large. Otherwise, this method will not work for you.

5. Fasteners

In fact, this is a stand for phones, which found an alternative application.


6. “Underground sombrero”

One sombrero will help to hide under the table three cables.

You can buy here.

7. “Balls-absorbers”

The device, the size of a tennis ball, can swallow up to 5 meters of cable.

Site with balls.

8. The springs

The grouping of several wires with a color spring can be used by anyone.
And Cable IDs, designed for individual wires, can be bought. While there is a link only to the Japanese store.


9. “Suspension brackets”

Suspend on the edge of the table can be a whole pilot,

Ikeevsky gadget

or fix a special piece for the wires

Yanko Design

10. Special purpose plug

And finishes our list fork. Just a fork.

Link to the plug.

“Order on the table – order in the head” 🙂