16 non-standard ways to use scotch tape

1. Clean the keyboard

Annoying vile crumbs under the keys, which do not pull anything? Scotch will help you. Fold the adhesive tape with the adhesive side outward and swipe through the thin slots between the keys and the keyboard body. Garbage will stick, the keyboard will be clean.

2. Clean clothes

Sticky rollers for cleaning clothes end at the most inopportune moment. But there is a wide scotch, which is no worse.

3. Collect the broken glass

If by chance (or specially) break a plate or glass, on the floor or on the table there will be small crumbs. Collect them with an adhesive tape, then they will not harm your heels.

4. Draw the arrows

How many tricks have been invented to draw smooth arrows, from the use of a spoon and ending with special stencils. Be simpler. Stick adhesive tape on the eyelid and calmly fill the eyeliner from the edge of the eyelid to the scotch tape. Then remove the tape. You will have arrows with perfectly even edges.

5. Make a pattern on the nails

how to use scotch: manicure
Anna Norman / blog.birchbox.com

Scotch stencil can be used not only on the eyelids, but also on the nails, to create patterns of varying complexity.

6. Collect mercury

When a mercury thermometer is broken, mercury rushes across the floor of a hundred tiny ball-droplets. And all of them must be collected carefully for disposal, so as not to breathe poisonous vapors. Scotch copes well with this task.

7. Wrap the shoelaces

If the shoelaces are disheveled at the ends or from them the latches fall off, wrap them with scotch tape. So the laces will look neater, and also they will be easier to lace.

8. Glue the corns

A temporary measure that will save your feet in new shoes, if you do not have a plaster on hand, but there is an adhesive tape. Just protect them sites that rub their shoes.

9. Remove any traces of glue

You removed the sticker from the object, and the glue remained. Take an adhesive tape, press it with a sticky surface to the glue and tear off sharply. The glue will stick to the scotch.

10. Protect the plastic card

If you have a magnetic tape, and you often use it, there is a risk of damaging this tape. Carefully seal it with tape so that there are no bubbles and wrinkles. The tape will be protected, and the devices will read it.

11. Make the elven ear

how to use Scotch tape: elven ears

Halloween is not coming soon, but you’ll just have time to train yourself to get a real elf costume. Take a thin transparent scotch, fix the end on the back side of the ear and carefully wrap the scotch to sharpen the tip of the ear. Then you can mask the scotch with a tonal cream and powder, so no one doubts who the real Galadriel is.

12. Make a cache

Using scotch tape, attach the values ​​to the inner surface of the bed or countertop. But in a place where it will not be noticeable and where the hiding place is difficult to get.

13. Use scotch instead of bandage

In case of injuries, scotch will serve as a temporary replacement for bandage, especially if you need to put a tire on and stick your arm or leg to a stick.

14. Put the wires in order

Fold in one bundle of wires that stretch from your table to the outlet, and wrap them with adhesive tape. Instead of a dozen confusing cords, you will have one.

15. Protect the bag or pocket

If you need to put something in the bag or pocket with sharp corners (for example, a screwdriver), and the case or package is not at hand, loosely wrap a dangerous object with scotch tape. So the lining of a bag or jacket will not break.

16. Remove the jammed ring

When you can not remove the ring from your finger, and the soap does not help, try the scotch tape. Take a thin and long (about 30 cm) strip of scotch, fold it in half along, sticky side inward, so that you get a long and smooth strip. Pass one end of this strip under the ring, so that it protrudes by 2-3 cm. The long part of the tape from the adhesive tape tightly wrap around the finger, grasping the joint. Then gently pull the short end of the tape behind the ring. The ring will gradually move along the scotch, and the finger will be freed from the wrapped tape. Usually, instead of an adhesive tape, a thread is recommended, but a smooth ribbon of scotch is not worse.