20 lifjhaks for those who have a child

1. How to deal with the scattered Lego

If your child loves this designer, it’s worthwhile to equip him with a special place. Ideally, a plastic table with drawers is suitable for this. Define for each drawer its own color: unfolding the details by colors will not only help the child to learn to order, but will also develop intelligence.

advice to parents, scattered lego

2. Get a special box for creativity

Scattered around the house pencils, markers, paints and other accessories derive from the state of equilibrium. To avoid conflict situations, make the child a box or box for creativity. Let this box begin to associate with him with a pleasant pastime, and the return of things to the place will be the end of the ritual. This will simplify the life for you and the child, because to put objects in a box faster than accurately lay them on the table.

advice to parents, a box for creativity

3. How to get rid of your favorite robots or dolls

If the child is attached to robots, soldiers, puppets, then it is almost impossible to get them into the box. We offer the option of placing pets in the shower organizer with transparent pockets on the door of the room. So to agree with the child will be much easier: firstly, the conditions of “living” of his favorite toys are very comfortable, and secondly, he will always see them.

4. Home “zoo” against scattered soft toys

Such a design will help in a game form together with the child to collect plush animals in one place.

Organization of the child's space

5. How to delimit the space for two or more children

Each child must feel the boundaries: what is his personal and what is common. These boundaries can not be violated even by parents. To organize things and toys, create each child its own zone, for which it answers. For example, sign the places for backpacks or toys on behalf of everyone. So children will not feel restrained, while learning the responsibility. This approach will be appropriate in a family with one child.

6. Original storage solution for ribbons and ribbons.

To store bows, hangers and ribbons of the daughter and save space, use the wall: make a special board with fixtures for your favorite decorations. So you can save yourself and your time, quickly choosing an accessory for the hairstyle of a young fashionista.

Organization of the fucking space

7. Do not put on clothes, but roll them up

This method of storage not only saves space. First of all, it will help to find the right thing faster, because the garments no longer hide each other. Also this option will solve the problem of crumpled things, simplifying your life.

Organization of the child's space

8. The idea of ​​placing toys in the bathroom

Containers for bathroom accessories are perfect for storing toys, which the kid plays with bathing. You can attach them by hooks on the curtain for the curtain.

Organization of the child's space

9. Pockets on a cot to be fully armed

Excellent life for the parents of very little pranksters. At your fingertips, there will always be a second nipple or one of a million essential baby things.

Organization of the child's space

10. Children’s books can be placed on the wall near the bed

Use a textile shelf that you can create with your own hands. Books are removed, the child is comfortable to get them before bedtime – perfect!

Organization of the child's space

11. Hang the organizer on the seat in the car

This is an excellent solution for both short and long trips. Firstly, you do not worry that everything will be scattered around the salon. And besides, the child is calm, because everything that he needs is in front of him.

Organization of the child's space

12. Use separate boxes for different things

See how ergonomically it is possible to place completely different things and toys of the child with the help of boxes, baskets and even buckets. Do not forget to sign them and strictly observe the intended storage: so you can quickly accustom the child to order.

Organization of the child's space

13. Keep unnecessary clothes and toys in vacuum bags.

Seasonal or become small clothes, unnecessary soft toys should be stored in a vacuum bag. So things occupy the minimum amount of space and leave room for life.

Organization of the child's space

14. Organize a special workplace for the child

Sometimes in the place of the built-in wardrobe in the nursery it is better to place a special working area for the child, which can be easily closed with doors. In addition to functionality, this is a great design solution for a small room. And for things you can put a compact chest of drawers.

Organization of the child's space

15. Let the regiment turn … into a folding table

Another lifhak for small spaces, as well as for parents who are tired of the mess on the table and shelves. Such a functional locker can always be covered.

Organization of the child's space

16. If the child does not reach the tap in the bathroom

Often the inaccuracy of a child when washing hands is associated with physical inconveniences of access to water. Therefore, many are hardly accustomed to this hygienic procedure. Simplify the task, and washing your hands will be more enjoyable for the child.

Organization of the child's space

17. How to use the Internet to your advantage

When no persuasions or tricks help, serious artillery is used. Arrange a real quest for getting a password from Wi-Fi: ask the children to perform 2-3 clearly defined tasks around the house. Such a game without negative emotions – 99% success.

Organization of the child's space

18. How to teach a child to recognize the left and right shoes

Cut the sticker with your child’s favorite hero and paste inside the shoe. So the child will soon learn how to be self-taught.

Organization of the child's space

19. That the child does not get dirty with ice cream

Put a paper cake on the wand for the cakes, then the ice cream will not flow down the stick to the hands and the floor.

Organization of the child's space

20. How to get a child to eat healthy food

This is one of the main problems of most parents. Try to prepare with the child useful and simple dishes. Own creation of a dinner, most likely, motivates the child to try it. By the way, do not forget to creatively approach the design.

Organization of the child's space