5 useful tips for using geolocation on iPhone and iPad

One simple fact: iPhone and iPad are constantly monitoring our location. I agree, it sounds scary, but, on the other hand, it’s incredibly convenient. In this article, we’ll talk about the GPS capabilities of the iPhone and iPad, in addition to using maps or navigators.

Never forget anything

Simple reminders do not work when you need to do something with a binding to a specific place. Sitting in the office, you clearly remember that in the evening you need to buy milk home, but when you come to the store, completely forget about it and remember already approaching the house. With the iPhone, the problem is solved simply.


It’s enough when you create a reminder to click the “Remind in place” toggle switch, select a location and indicate when to remind: on arrival or after leaving.

Tell your friends where you are

Explain to a person where you are yourself, sometimes it is very difficult. Such zamorochki at all to nothing, if you and your friends use iOS-devices.


Just open the chat details in the “Messages” by clicking “Details”, and click “Send my current location”. Your interlocutor will receive a geomem that you can immediately see in the “Maps” and quickly route to the destination. Instead of a thousand words, as they say.

Be aware of the movements of your friends

An extended scenario of using the previous advice, which will save your wife or girl from having to call you and ask again how soon you will be at dinner. Thanks to the pre-installed “Find Friends” application, you can see all the moving of selected contacts on the map and share your own.


“Find friends” has a notification function that allows you to set up alerts that a person has left a certain place or arrived there. A terrific handy thing for a family or for coordinating a large number of people during picnic, party and other gatherings.

Arrive at meetings on time

No one likes to be late for meetings, but also to languish in anticipation, coming an hour early, too, very few people like. In order not to resort to such radical measures, it is enough to use the “Time in transit” function when creating an event.


You just need to open the item of the same name and, adding the destination and the place of departure, click the toggle switch. You can also set an alert that it’s time to go. The system will send a notification including traffic jams if your city is supported by the traffic situation in the “Maps”.

Turn off tracking of information about places you visit

Whether you want it or not, by default, the iPhone and iPad monitor the places you often visit. This is done to improve the maps, as well as to offer you any interesting information based on this data. If you do not need it – we safely turn it off.


The toggle switch we need is hidden in the depths of the system services of geolocation. Here: “Settings” → “Privacy” → “Geolocation services” → “System services” → “Frequently visited places”. We translate it to the “off” position, and you can no longer be afraid of surveillance of special services, Big Brother and other masons.