How and why I set up Spotlight search on iOS

Spotlight in iOS is extremely useful. Previously, the search was located to the left of the first screen, however, after iOS 7 is released, it is accessed by simply dropping it from top to bottom on any home screen, which makes using Spotlight faster and more convenient. You can customize the search parameters to your needs to find the required objects much faster.

You can do this by disabling the display of results for functions that you do not use, or changing the order in which applications that are launched most frequently are displayed. Spotlight produces results using search in some of the most popular categories: applications, contacts, music, podcasts and others.


To change categories and order of search results go to Settings> General> Search Spotlight. By default, all possible places for searching in Spotlight are included, as evidenced by the blue checkmark in front of all the elements. Turn off unwanted items by removing the checkmarks with one click. Drag the items using the anchor on the right side to change the order in which the results are displayed.


Note that disabling search by application does not turn off the search in each of them. For example, you can open the Notes application and search for your notes by pulling down the list with entries and thus including the search query entry line.

via Finerthings