How fast to peel the garlic

Blade of knife

Let’s start with the classics. This method is used by many professional chefs. Its essence lies in the fact that a clove of garlic needs to be put on a cutting board, and then press it with a knife with a wide blade. After this, the husks easily separate.

To prevent the knife from breaking, place the garlic closer to the handle

How to locate cloves of garlic and how to operate a knife is described in detail in the following video.

The minus of this method is that the garlic is slightly flattened and starts to secrete the juice. If you need whole teeth, it is better to use another method.


If you put the denticles in a metal bowl, and cover one more smaller on top and shake violently, then in 10-20 seconds you can clean the peeled garlic in large quantities. You will only have to choose the denticles from the husks and cut off the tips.

Here’s how it’s done.

To accelerate the process, the garlic head is recommended to be divided into separate denticles. And instead of metal utensils you can use an ordinary glass jar.

Disadvantages of the method: shake intensively, hands quickly become tired; garlic can be wrinkled. In addition, in order for the method to work, the garlic should be well dried. If you store it in the fridge, then it’s unlikely that you will succeed.

Cold water

This method is suitable just for cleaning an insufficient dry garlic. The head should be divided into denticles and put them into a cup of cold water for 10-20 minutes.

The husk is soaked and easily removable

Disadvantage of the method can be called the fact that for the removal of thin fillets from the teeth usually still have to use a knife.

There is also a method where the garlic is dipped for a few seconds in hot water. But it is more troublesome and is suitable only if the garlic does not need to be cut and the denticles will be completely heat treated. For example, when preparing home-made pickles.


So that the husks easily leave, garlic can also be sent for 15-20 seconds into the microwave.

After that, you can clean the garlic with your hands. The plus of this method is that you do not need to divide the head into denticles beforehand, but the minus is the same as with water.

Garlic “device”

On Aliexpress and in ordinary hardware stores, they sell such silicone pills for garlic.

Silicone Piller for garlic

The principle of action is simple: lay a few cloves of garlic inside and with a push, like a rolling pin, roll it around the table or between the palms. On the way out, you get garlic with the husks separated from it.

Many consider this “device” an indispensable assistant in the economy. Its big plus is that on hands there is no garlic smell. It is ideal when you need to clean a couple of denticles, but if you need a lot of garlic, you have to tinker. And in this minus this method.

Now you know all the lifhaki for cleaning garlic. Choose a method to your liking. Cook quickly and delicious!