Safari + Google + YouTube: 3 useful Apple browser extensions

3 useful Apple browser extensions

If you calculate how much time and mouse clicks save these three software add-ons, the number will probably be very impressive. That’s why they can be recommended to anyone who actively uses the services of Google Search, Google Images and YouTube.

Black list for search engine

SEO specialists often do real miracles, putting absolutely junk sites in the first lines of Google search results. How many useless links have to be ignored, looking for really interesting resources among them! Fortunately, all the efforts of SEOs can be reduced to zero – by expanding Personal Search Result Blocker.

To the mistress of the note. By the way, for the first time this extension appeared for the browser Google Chrome (in the Chrome Web Store it is available under the name Personal Blocklist). This small development of Google itself was so popular and in demand that it was soon ported for Safari as well.

The effect of this extension is to display the string Block <адрес сайта>. Just click on this line and reload the page – all links to the “banned” site will be hidden.

Links for blocking your site in Google search results

If you have some site blacklisted by mistake, scroll down the Google Search page down and you will see a long inscription: “Your personal blocklist is blocked some results. Click on this text to view and edit your blocked results. “). Clicking on this label will show all blocked links corresponding to the current search query. And next to them will be a string Unblock <адрес_сайта>, a click on which will remove the corresponding web resource from the extension blacklist.

→ Download Personal Search Result Blocker.

Instant search of images by source image

It is difficult to overestimate the function of Google Images, which allows you to search for images on the original image. But for this you need to do a number of operations: copy the address of the source graphic file, open the Google Images page, there click on the picture icon in the search box, insert the previously copied address in the input field and only then click on the search button – a very long detour.

Search Google Images for the desired picture - instantly!

But you can act directly if you install the extension in Safari Google Search by Image. It adds a command to the context menu of the browser Search Google with this image (“search Google in this picture”), Available only when you right-click any image in the Safari window. Click on this command – and the extension will perform all the other actions for you: opens a new tab and loads Google Images with all the parameters that are needed to search for images on the original you selected.

→ Download Google Search by Image.

Fast upload videos from YouTube

Before the advent of Safari 6, downloading videos from “Youtube” for advanced users was quite feasible. However, now even geeks are too lazy to look for a link to the video in the wilds of the web inspector. It’s much easier to use the extension Helper, which allows in two clicks to “merge” on your computer any video in one of several available formats and permissions.

A great choice for downloading videos from YouTube.

To the mistress of the note. As you can see from the name of this extension, it is a plug-in to the web service, which makes it easy to save data from a number of web hosts (YouTube, Vimeo,,, RapidShare and many others).

Just open the required YouTube page with the video player and click the Download button immediately below the video title – a small area will appear in which all the options of the current video are listed. You can choose the format (FLV, MP4, 3GP or WebM) and resolution (up to 1080p, depending on the original video resolution) – in a two- or three-dimensional version. Click on the desired link – and the video is immediately downloaded to your computer.

→ Download Helper.