Save money in the family: 10 simple tips

Even when you can focus only on yourself, still sometimes the money goes unnoticed. And when the family already has a child who at the speed of light grows out of clothes, or she just “burns” on it? Then it begins to seem that there is not enough money for anything. Well, let’s try again to see where you can save a little.

1. Interact with friends

More and more people are included in the system of exchange and shopping for each other. Do not want to take things from strangers, unite with your friends!

Perhaps you have long dreamed of a good table, while your friend only interferes in the kitchen, and he, in turn, is not averse to getting a soft armchair, which in your living room is used except as a clothes hanger.

Change clothes for children, try to hire one nanny for two families, together participate in promotions, when two things are sold for the price of one. There are many options!

2. Pay bills on time

Monthly bills for apartment and utilities scare. And I want to postpone them until next month. That’s next month, when I get the bonus … Stop! Once you do not pay, and debts will grow like a snowball!

Always remember that you need to pay these costs, and at the beginning of the month, postpone the required amount.

3. Use cards

Study all the discount cards that you have, and do not forget to use them. In addition, partner programs are developing now. For example, if you pay gasoline with a plastic card of a certain bank, you get a discount. Before you buy something, think about how it is more profitable for you to pay: in cash or from a card.

4. Look at sales

Surely you have an acquaintance who bought winter jackets for three children for the price of one, then bought a half-year supply of muesli for pennies. What magical dust he sprinkles cashiers and sellers, that they give him the gift of these things?

This, of course, is a real art to find a good sale, not the one where under the new price tag “70% discount” is hidden old, where the price is lower than the sale. Regularly monitor prices in some stores, where you constantly buy something, so you can see when the price really decreases.

If you participate in wild post-natal sales, it is better not to be lazy and come early. You can safely measure everything, compare prices in boutiques and choose what you need. In addition, you will avoid that desire to buy something at all costs, which covers a person when he gets into the crowd of shoppers who are hungry for shopping.

5. Buy online

Shopping on the Internet is gaining momentum. Not only will you save time and money that would be spent on gasoline for shopping, so even clothes can be bought much cheaper. Especially childrens.

6. More independence!

Is the tap running? Before you call a plumber, turn on your computer. Now you can find many step-by-step instructions on how to do minor repairs yourself. And not just petty. You are quite able to paste wallpaper or make an arch from gypsum cardboard, which you have long dreamed of. Be brave!

And you can spend a little less on cosmetics and household chemicals. Because the usual vegetable oil moisturizes perfectly, and the laundry soap launderes children’s clothes better than the powder.

7. Save on medicines

Going to the doctor turns into a purchase of medicines for thousands of rubles. Perhaps, it will be cheaper to strengthen health, and not be treated.

Of course, if you get sick, then a visit to the doctor can not be avoided. By the way, often doctors cooperate with pharmacies and write expensive fashionable medications. Ask your pharmacist or doctor if this medicine has a cheaper analogue. Often, such an analog is even more effective than the advertised drug.

Read on the Internet reviews about the prescribed medicine, perhaps there will advise you a good replacement. Of course, everything should be done within reasonable limits and not get carried away by self-medication.

8. We save on food, but not on health

In an ideal world, we ourselves would grow chickens and vegetables and eat only these environmentally friendly products. In our world, not every family can spend all summer at the cottage, growing a turnip. However, it is quite possible to break a small garden on the windowsill and grow there onion, dill, basil and even tomatoes. Save on buying greens, and while you will always have fresh fragrant seasonings.

Do not want to grow? Purchase greenery in the summer and freeze, or dry it. In any case, it will be cheaper than buying fresh in supermarkets.

And tasty home-made food is always cheaper than ready-made food, bought in the store.

9. Go to the store once a week

Your campaign for milk turns into a purchase of Viennese sausages and plushies for tea? Not to mention that you still forgot to buy milk?

Yes, this is perhaps the top-most and well-known advice: plan the menu for a week and once a week visit the store with an exact list.

10. Saving – does not mean to live bored

The word “economize” depresses people. It seems that if you save, life will become unbearably boring. We economize and can not afford family fun, it’s too expensive.

And we always want to brag! If you really go to the cinema – so in the most expensive and be sure to buy the largest bucket of popcorn. Believe me, you will get no less pleasure from watching the movie in the cinema easier and with a smaller bucket 🙂 And you can go to the morning session, when tickets are cheaper.

No need to save on family communication: walk together in the park, read a book out loud or go to a free exhibition. And then you will not feel that saving money is a complete rejection of all kinds of entertainment.