4 reasons for lagging Android and how to fix them

1. Resource-intensive programs

The presence of particularly gluttonous applications running in the background can actually cause a significant decrease in performance and battery life. Any widgets on the desktop that update news or weather, background synchronization and push notifications can prevent your gadget from sleeping quietly or causing occasional lags when working in another application. It is usually quite difficult to understand which program is the cause.


To find out which applications are causing the problem, try using the Wakelock Detector. After installing the program, charge your gadget more than 90%, then unplug the device from charging and give the program within 1-2 hours to collect statistics on the use of the battery and the processor.

After that, open the Wakelock Detector and you can see the statistics of all your running applications. The applications at the top of the list are the largest users of device resources.

2. Background programs

If you have applications that cause a drop in Android performance, then you have the opportunity to dig into their settings and disable some of their functions or, for example, set a longer synchronization period and so on. Another option is to freeze the application, which is already close to deleting and will not work if you want to occasionally use the program.

However, there is a third way.


You can put the application in a deep sleep. Sleeping programs will wake up and perform their usual functions as you click on the icon. To use this method, try Greenify (Root is required).

After installing the program, press the “+” button and you will be taken to the page App Analyzer. The applications listed in the sections “Running in background“And”May slow down the device when …“It is necessary to pay special attention, since these are potential culprits of the brakes. Select the ones you want to put to sleep and press Accept in the upper right corner to send them to sleep.

3. Few places

Some devices suffer from a lack of space on the drive and just start to work disgustingly as soon as the space in the device is 80% or more full. If your smartphone shows similar signs of braking, then maybe now is the time to do a spring cleaning. Note that the files you deleted can in fact still be recovered, until you create empty files that will replace them.


Clear your device from digital junk will help the famous Clean Master. The application was downloaded from Google Play over 500 million times, so there’s no reason to doubt its effectiveness.

After installing and running the utility, you will see a program window at the top of which you can see information about the amount of free space on the device and SD-card, and at the bottom there are the main function buttons. With their help, you can remove from the mobile all unnecessary literally in one tap.

However, recently, users complain about some congestion and weighting Clean Master, and if you observe similar symptoms when using this application, then pay attention to the more nimble and easier alternatives to Clean Master. In particular, CCleaner shows itself quite well.

4. Lack of memory

As for the methods of running Android with RAM, many copies have already been broken and it has been repeatedly proven that permanent cleaning of RAM is not needed. However, when you run very demanding programs, for example modern 3D games, you may need a maximum amount of memory, for which you need to complete all background and unused programs.


In this case, you will again be helped by CCleaner and Clean Master. The second is especially noteworthy in addition to the function of cleaning up memory and stopping unnecessary background services and applications, has a dedicated option for optimizing games.