5 apps that will help find lost Android

The more we use smartphones, the more valuable they become for us. Thousands of contacts, passwords to numerous services, records, photos, favorite music and books – all this is in the phone’s memory. In the event of losing your gadget, the unfortunate owner will have to say goodbye to the majority of these data forever, which can be a real tragedy. Therefore, it is better to take care in advance and install one of the special applications developed for the case of loss or theft on your device.

Android Device Manager presents its own solution to this problem from Google. This application is absolutely free and provides you with all the basic functions, including the ability to detect a lost phone on the card, remotely block it, turn on the call to attract attention and even delete all your personal data so that they do not fall into the hands of the enemy. The service is tied to your Google account and is capable of managing even a few of your devices perfectly.

This program offers the same basic functions as the Android Device Manager, plus several other interesting features, such as receiving a notification when changing the SIM card. The new number of your phone will be sent to the contact that you previously assigned in the program settings. You will also be able to use special SMS commands, which will make the phone call you, force it to answer your call, lock the device or erase all your data. The application is free for 30 days, after which you will be required to subscribe.

Cerberus, perhaps, is the most powerful application on this list. It’s enough to install it on your gadget, and you’ll get all the features of previous programs, and besides that, you can remotely see a list of all outgoing and incoming calls, record audio through the built-in microphone, hide and send photos to a specific address and much more. The location of the phone can be tracked not only by GPS, but also by signals from cellular towers.

Great attention was paid to the protection of the creators of the program. The application icon can be hidden, messages sent to them are not displayed anywhere, and it’s impossible to remove Cerberus. This application is free for a week, after which you will need to pay a paid version of $ 2.99. Nevertheless, for this amount you get the most functional application, which fully works out every invested cent.

This application is a set of utilities designed to increase the security of your device. Among them we see the function of sending an email alert when you turn off your phone, change the SIM card and other actions that the thief can do after the theft of your gadget. Such a letter may contain the coordinates of its last location and even a photo, imperceptibly made by the front camera. Some of these features are free, but to use the rest you will need to purchase a premium subscription.

Prey is the second, after Android Device Manager, application in this list, which you can use for free. In addition, there is a client not only for Android, but for all other platforms, so that you can use one service to track all your devices. Despite its free of charge, this utility allows you to perform all the same actions with your device as commercial counterparts. Including display the position of the gadget on the map, remotely block and erase personal data, take pictures from the front and main cameras, turn on the loud signal even when silent mode is activated, and much more.

Most people hope that it is with their smartphone that nothing will happen. In 90% of cases it does, but do not forget that there is still 10%. So it’s better to take care of yourself beforehand and put yourself one of the applications presented in this review.