A Better Camera – the most simple, the most professional and most technological camera for Android (+ bonus readers)

A Better Camera is a product based on open-source OpenCamera from Almalence. These are very serious guys who develop technologies for working with images and video for HTC, LG, Sharp, Huawei, Oppo and similar giants. In parallel, these developments fall into their own application. Simply put, this is a camera in which there are all the top technologies that are present in the cameras of various large smartphone manufacturers, as well as photo and video equipment.

Above we said that A Better Camera can be any. Look at the interface. You can take pictures in such a minimalistic environment.


And you can add any necessary elements at will and shoot like that.


The transition between the simplified and extended survey interface is carried out by simple svaypom up and down, and the type of grid, level display, histograms and other elements are configured in the pop-up menu, which is called by the svaypom from left to right.


Scene, exposure, shutter speed, focus, white balance – all the necessary settings for the photographer are there. If desired, with one tap, the camera becomes also a QR-reader, and with the inclusion of a level, it will be extremely difficult to fill the horizon.


Understand the depth and accuracy of shooting control by several screenshots of the settings menu.

Screenshot_2015-02-26-12-25-29 Screenshot_2015-02-26-12-26-50

Using standard stock cameras and similar limited functionality, we are used to the fact that, for example, HDR is such a ready-made unchanged mode. You have included it and everything, about any settings of speech is not. Here, a person who understands the topic can adjust each parameter. This is true for all shooting modes.

Screenshot_2015-02-26-12-27-20 Screenshot_2015-02-26-12-27-41

By the way, about the modes. We talked about the fact that A Better Camera knows things that other applications can not.


In order not to scatter on superfluous words, we suggest you simply walk through the check-list located below and check which of the listed possibilities is available for your camera application:

  • HDR-video, if you pull the smartphone and it costs Android 4.3+;
  • Video shooting in standard mode with the ability to pause and photograph during recording;
  • Super Mode, which allows you to create even more cool pictures (works on Nexus 5 and 6);
  • DRO mode, successfully replacing the HDR, not inferior to the quality of the resulting images and much faster;
  • optional saving of original pictures in any shooting mode;
  • fine-tuning the saving of photos, including the creation of a structured archive and time-stamps;
  • Vertical and horizontal panoramas in HD-quality;
  • RAW shooting, supported in Android 5, and then saved to DNG;
  • customizable night shooting;
  • photo and video in the technique of Time-lapse;
  • multi-shooting with a configurable number of images and a pause between pictures;
  • smart multi-shooting with the ability to remove an unnecessary object from the photo and display the movement of the object from several pictures in one image;
  • Preshot mode – the application scans the frames until the user repeatedly presses the capture button;
  • Bestshot mode – automatic selection of the best frame from the series;
  • customizable snapshot button, including from the headset;
  • The widget for instant start of shooting at once in the necessary mode.

The list goes on, but we just do not see the point of loading unnecessary information from amateurs, and professional photographers will be able to sort out even more specific functions independently and with the help of the built-in manual.


A little offense is that the most sophisticated modes like HDR-video are not supported by weak smartphones and devices with an outdated version of Android, but this is not the fault of the application. On the other hand, owners of top-end devices and Nexus in particular will finally be able to reveal the photopotential of their monsters.

The free version of A Better Camera includes a full set of functions, but some modes (HDR + HDR, HD panorama and multi-shot) have a limit of 30 test shots. You can buy separately the desired mode, but we have a better offer.

We contacted the developer, told him how much we liked the app, and asked for a freebie for our favorite readers. 🙂 As a result, Almalence made a fat discount for the full version of the application with the restrictions removed for all modes and sell A Better Camera at the lowest possible price in the Russian Google Play, that is, for only 30 rubles. For such a steep product it’s very cheap.

For a long time we were looking for a camera that would combine amateur simplicity, professional flexibility and top-end technological solutions? Give a chance to A Better Camera. You will be satisfied.