Android Remote Control appeared on Google Play

We already wrote about what is Android Remote Management and why you need it. The function is very convenient and useful. It can come in handy for many. Perhaps someone will grieve the moment that Google will even more closely monitor you, but the functionality of the service is paying off. With the release of the app on Google Play, it’s even more convenient to use this feature.

The app appeared tonight and is waiting for you on Google Play. The service client will help you perform the same actions as the browser version. You can give a signal to the smartphone if it is nearby and you want to find it, lock the device or clear it. In addition, the service will show on the map where your device is located. Just do not forget that for the program to work you will need to connect both the phone that you have in your hands and the lost one.


Why do I need an application if there is a full version on the site? Just for convenience. Many of us have several Android devices at once, and the app will help us keep our balance. Imagine the situation that, for example, you left your tablet somewhere. You have understood this, already coming to the house. You do not even feel sorry for the tablet itself, but I’m sorry for the data on it. Deciding to block it, you get the phone, open the browser, go to the Google page, etc. And if at this moment you have a low-power Android smartphone in your hands, then it turns into torture. And with the application you can lock the lost device in a couple of clicks.

Android remote control was a convenient and useful feature. Now it became even easier to use. Install the application on your phone and let yourself be worth it until better times, if they can be called the best.