How to activate automatic face recognition in Google Photos

Google Photos has very powerful algorithms for object recognition in pictures. He is able to detect on the loaded images various objects, places, situations and then easily to give out thematic selections in search results.

This function is especially useful for filtering people depicted on pictures. With it, you can select in one click among tens of thousands of files a photo of a certain person, even if it is imprinted on them in different angles and clothes. Unfortunately, face recognition is currently working only in a limited number of countries.

How to Enable Facial Recognition in your Google Photos

To activate the function of recognizing people in pictures in Google Photos, do not wait until it reaches the queue to your country, you must follow these steps.

1. Open the settings of your smartphone or tablet running Android. In the Applications section, find the Google Photos program.

Google Photos app  Google Photos clear data

2. Open the properties of Google Photos and click the “Erase data” button. Confirm this action.

3. Go to the Google Play store and install one of the VPN applications on your mobile device to disguise the location. I used TunnelBear.

TunnelBear activation  TunnelBear USA

4. Run the installed program and establish a VPN connection. As a result, everything will look as if you are in the US.

5. Open the Google Photos app and go through the initial setup process again. In the options of the program you will see now a new item “Group similar faces”. Activate it.

Google Photos Facial Recognition  Google Photos faces

We have included the function of automatic recognition of people on the pictures both in the mobile application and in the web service. The program TunnelBear can now be deleted if you do not need it, and use Google Photos in the usual way – the function you activated will still be available.