How to download a video from Facebook to a smartphone or tablet

During the first launch, Video Downloader for Facebook will ask you to enter login information for Facebook. After that, the program will analyze the content of your news feed, saved posts, notes, a list of friends and present a structured catalog of available videos for upload.

Video Downloader for Facebook 1 Video Downloader for Facebook 2

With Video Downloader for Facebook, you can download videos from your news feed and from your page, as well as friends videos, videos you’ve been tagged on, and so on. There is also a special browser mode that allows you to view Facebook in exactly the same way as in a regular browser, but with the function of saving clips.

Video Downloader for Facebook 3 Video Downloader for Facebook 4

And even if at the moment you do not have worthy clips on the spot, you still need to install Video Downloader for Facebook. In one of the sections of the application developers have collected for the user so many interesting, unusual and funny videos that you will tire of them download.