How to hide from the interlocutor that you read his message

Each of us is familiar with such circumstances: we read the message, but we do not want or can not answer it right away. And our interlocutor sees that the message is read, but there is no answer. An embarrassing situation, right? Fortunately, it can be avoided.

How to read messages in any service

The most obvious option is to view new messages right on the notification panel of the mobile device, without opening the dialog itself. Thus, you can read at least short replies of your interlocutors.

If you drag your finger to the left in iOS on the panel and click “Watch”, it will show even more text that might not fit in the preview. A similar possibility is offered by many Android-devices. But if the message is very long, then you can not read it through to the end.

There is another universal, but not the most convenient way. Having received the message, you simply turn off the Internet and read the dialogue in the corresponding program. The interlocutor does not learn about reading until you connect the gadget to the Web. This is the only way to secretly view the message text, for example, in Instagram Direct, and many other applications, in the settings of which you can not turn off the read report.

Now consider the options for specific programs and services.

How to read messages in iMessages

Developers can hide the fact of reading through settings. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, select “Settings” → “Messages” and move the switch next to the “Read report” to the colorless mode. After that, the interlocutors will not see whether you are reading their messages or not.


To disable read receipts on a Mac, go to Messages → Settings → Accounts and uncheck the Reading Report.

How to read messages on Facebook

Officially, this possibility is not provided. But there are solutions from third-party developers.

If you use the Google Chrome browser, then download the Unseen for Facebook extension. After installation, it will automatically hide the read status from your interlocutors.

If you prefer Firefox, for this browser there is a similar plug-in – Message Seen Disable for Facebook.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to hide the read status in the mobile version yet. So, if you need to ignore someone, you’ll have to use Facebook on your computer.

How to read messages in WhatsApp

For this purpose in the settings of the mobile application WhatsApp there is a special option. Open Settings → Account (Account) → Privacy (Privacy) and turn off the Read Reports tab. After that, the messenger will stop marking messages with blue checkmarks.


In the desktop version of WhatsApp, this setting is not available. But if you use it in a mobile application, the changes will work on your computer.

How to read messages in Viber

In this popular instant messenger, you can also turn off the viewing reports directly in the official mobile client. To do this, go to the “Settings” → “Privacy” menu and turn off the “Viewed” option.


In the desktop version of Viber, this setting is not available. But if you use it in a mobile application, the changes will work on your computer.

How to read messages in “VKontakte”

There are no standard functions for this. But you can try workarounds.

Android users are available for the alternative client vkontakte Kate Mobile. If you enter it using your account and click “Settings” → “Online” → “Close unread”, then the program will hide the status of messages. I unfortunately could not find a client for iOS with the same functionality.


There is also a way to secretly read the messages in the web version of “VKontakte.” You can use the link, specifying the date of the current date in DDMMYYYY format instead of the iks: for example, 19032018. A message window will open, where you can read them unnoticed by the senders. But keep in mind that developers can close this loophole at any time.

How to read messages in Outlook without being noticed

You can disable the viewing reports in the web version of Outlook. Go to “Settings” → “Mail” → “Processing of messages” → “Read receipts” and check “Never send notifications”. Changes will be saved for all Outlook clients.