How to use Yandex.Navigator in offline mode

It’s very easy to do this. After launching the application, open the “Menu” → “Loading maps” section. Find the locality (or area) on the territory of which you need offline access to navigation using the search line. Click on the search result, and then click on the “Download” button.


If, during the use of Yandex.Navigator for Android or iOS, you disconnect the device from the Network or the signal disappears by itself, the application will automatically switch to offline mode. Further navigation will be carried out based on the downloaded maps.

In offline, some application features will be unavailable. So, when building a route, the service will not be able to take into account traffic jams, traffic events and cameras.

Over time, the landscape and infrastructure are changing. In order for the downloaded maps to always display the current data, go to the “Menu” → “Settings” → “Update maps” and enable the option “Automatic”.

To delete the downloaded maps, press “Menu” → “Settings” → “Saved data” → “Delete cards”.