Overview of the Nokia HERE Maps app for Android

In the category of mapping applications on the Android platform, undoubtedly the leader is undoubtedly Google Maps. However, very soon this quiet life can come to an end, since the HERE application from Nokia is about to be released. We looked at the first beta version of this program and came to the conclusion that the fight will be serious.

Cartographic service from Nokia has always been somewhat in the shade for Android users due to the lack of an appropriate mobile application. And completely in vain, because the degree of coverage and reliability of cards HERE Maps surpasses many competitors. Suffice it to say that they use the data of the world’s leading manufacturer of digital maps and geo-information systems Navtq. Currently, HERE Maps covers 196 countries, including a navigation service in 96 countries.

After Nokia released a series of its own smartphones on Android, in which there were branded cards, the issue of developing a version of HERE Maps for other devices was only a matter of time. And so it happened: the company confirmed, and the first beta wasted on the Net.

Nokia HERE Maps for Android Nokia HERE map

At the time of the first launch, the application asks you to register, but you will need this only if you are going to save your favorite places and routes. The main place in the program window is occupied by a terrain map, only on the top there is a search line, and in the corners there are several small buttons.

Nokia HERE menu Nokia HERE maps

With the help of the menu button you can open the control panel of the program, which contains buttons for switching to the navigation mode (“On the car”), calling up the list of saved places (“Collections”), switching to offline mode, accessing settings. On the right side is another exit panel, which makes it possible to change the display style of the map. In general, the information provided by the application about the terrain seemed to me quite detailed and reliable.

Nokia HERE navigation Nokia HERE navigation settings

The motorists will be pleased with the navigation function, which is available both in the follow-up mode and in the review mode. The application has the function of voice prompts, including in Russian, but necessary files must be uploaded in addition. In the car mode settings, you can set up the unit system, route selection parameters, turn on the speeding alert and so on.

Nokia HERE route Nokia HERE transport

If you do not go by car, then Nokia HERE also turns out to be a very useful application for you. It is able not only to lay routes on foot walks, but also knows everything about the movement of local public transport. To do this, you only need to specify the purpose of your journey, and the program will immediately post all possible options for achieving it with the number of stops and stops.

Nokia HERE offline Nokia HERE download maps

Finally, we have reserved for you the most pleasant feature of Nokia HERE, which seems to be a trump card in the fight against Google Maps. The fact is that all of its features can be used without connecting to the Internet. To do this, select “Load maps” in the menu, and then specify your country. The cards are of a rather large size, so take care of the presence of sufficient space on the SD card.

In general, the application Nokia HERE looks quite interesting and promising. Due to the versatile and up-to-date cartographic information, convenient interface and all the necessary functions, it is quite capable of competing with Google Maps. And the possibility of working offline can even outweigh the scales in the struggle for the favor of users. The shortcomings include insufficient optimization and some “thoughtfulness” of the interface, which will be especially felt on weak devices. However, do not forget that this is only a beta version.

Download and try your Nokia HERE beta right here.