8 fascinating books about the universe and space

1. “A Brief History of Time,” Stephen Hawking

Famous physicist Stephen Hawking talks about quite complex physical theories: the appearance of the universe, space and time, superstrings and mathematical puzzles. But it makes it so exciting that even an unprepared reader will understand them without difficulty.

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2. “Knockin ‘on Heaven”, Lisa Randall

A physics professor at Harvard explains the essence of the latest experiments in physics and cosmology. If you have no idea what bosons, neutrons, mesons and fermions are to you here. In addition, you will learn why scientists from all over the world have created the Large Hadron Collider and how the tiniest particles in the universe help to understand the structure of the universe.

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3. “Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth”, Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield from 9 years dreamed of going into space, and he succeeded. Today Chris is one of the most experienced astronauts in the world who spent 4,000 hours in open space.

In his book, he pays much attention to curious household issues: how astronauts prepare for the flight, what they eat, how they brush their teeth and go to the toilet. Most importantly, under the cover of this publication, you get two books in one: an interesting story about life in orbit and a charge of motivation that will encourage you not to abandon your endeavors halfway.

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4. “From the cosmos borders are not visible,” Ron Garan

But the astronaut Garan’s journey to the stars made a serious revision of his views on life. He worked with Russian cosmonauts, whom he had previously considered enemies, and thought: if 15 nations can put aside disputes for the sake of incredibly complex projects for space exploration, why not apply the same approach to solve global problems?

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5. “How will we live on Mars,” Stephen Petranek

It does not matter if there is life on Mars or not. What’s important is that it will be there for sure. According to forecasts, after some 20 years on Mars will live a colony of 40-50 thousand people who will travel from Earth to the Red Planet one way. Speaker TED Stephen Petranek talks about the problems that the Earthmen have to solve on the spot, and the technologies that will make mastering new planets possible.

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6. “Einstein’s Cosmos”, by Mitio Kaku

Einstein died a few years before the first flight into space. But without him, this event would be impossible. The physicist Mito Kaku describes the period of the scientist’s activity, which previously was virtually unknown to the general public. But today Einstein’s achievements are gaining popularity and help modern physicists make new discoveries.

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7. “Cosmos”, Dmitry Kostyukov and Zina Surova

Very beautiful edition for children about cosmonautics. The authors conducted interviews with cosmonauts and collected interesting answers to unauthorized questions: what are the spacesuits, what are cosmonauts doing on the ISS, how the first missiles were designed … You will learn about the achievements of Soviet and modern cosmonauts, designers and scientists.

8. “Riding a rocket”, Mike Mullein

The book about the flights of the program Space Shuttle – the most dangerous among all manned means in the history of space exploration. Two starts out of five ended in accidents. Mike Mullein tells us why people died because of bureaucratic mistakes, how astronauts were preparing for flights and what significance this space program has for science.

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