How to make a screenshot in Chrome without extensions

Surely you keep a couple of utilities on hand for creating screenshots. For Windows it can be Microsoft Snip, for OS X – Screenshot Plus, and for Ubuntu – Shutter. These powerful tools make a screen shot and allow you to add annotations, graphics or voice comments to it.

Although in most cases, extended functionality is not needed at all. Usually a pretty beautiful frame. For example, it’s easy to add by means of Standardized Screenshot – an extension for Chrome, which adds a soft “makovsky” shadow to the image.

And once it came about the Google-browser, it’s worth mentioning that it also has an option for a screenshot. Yes, not simple, but with additional features. Which ones? A little later we will tell, but for now – to the main agenda.

Screenshots in Chrome via the Developer Panel

Somewhat surprisingly, Chrome has changed the sixth dozen versions, but has not gotten used to the button to create screenshots. At least, this is the case on the surface, that is, for ordinary users. “Under the hood” of the browser, there is such a function, and it is provided for web developers.

Go to the Chrome settings and select “More tools,” then click “Developer Tools.” Ctrl + Shift + I will make it faster. Activate the device emulation panel by clicking on the tablet icon in the upper area of ​​the opened window or by using the Ctrl + Shift + M keys.

How to make a screenshot in Chrome without extensions

Please note: the emulation panel also has its own menu, which contains the same item Capture screenshot. Click on it, and the visible area of ​​the browser will immediately be saved to the hard disk in PNG format.

How to make a screenshot in Chrome without extensions

And now about the auxiliary possibilities. Switches on the device panel allow you to add a frame to the screenshot, for example as an iPhone case.

How to make a screenshot in Chrome without extensions

Moreover, here you can set up your device and configure its resolution, scale and orientation. Hover over the preview of the screenshot and rotate the mouse wheel to move the web page up or down.

Of course, the described method is not the easiest, but it will work on any computer, causing surprise to everyone who will be watching you. Although, of course, the main advantage is related to the framework: designers and advertisers can use the technique to quickly prepare layouts away from their workplace.