How to use Google Docs without a network connection

The online office suite of Google is an excellent solution for working with texts, tables and presentations, which fully meets the needs of most users. Having a full set of basic functions, plus a whole bunch of unique features combined with free, this service has every chance to become the most popular tool for working with office documents.

The only thing that stops many users from a complete and final transition to Google Docs is his attachment to online. “And how will I work with my documents if there is no access to the network?” The doubters ask and return to the familiar Microsoft Office. Meanwhile, to work offline, Google’s office suite is able and very wonderful.

To enable the use of the Google office suite without connecting to the network, you will need an orthodox browser from the same company, no firelocks, operas and donkeys here will not pass. Open in Chrome your Google Drive storage and in the left navigation column expand additional options by clicking on the link Yet.


Select menu item Offline, Then, before you will be an instruction how to activate the offline mode of operation, consisting of as many of the two steps. First you will have to install a special application in the browser, and then click on the button to enable offline access.


After that, you will have to wait a little while the content of your Google Drive storage is downloaded and saved for offline use. When the synchronization process is complete, you can safely disconnect from the network and work with your files in the Google Docs office suite offline. All edits or new documents you make will automatically be synchronized with the online store as soon as you have access to the network.


Thus, we receive from the online service Google Drive a convenient office suite that runs directly in your browser and knows how to work without binding to the Internet. Arguments against the use of Google Docs as the main program for working with documents no longer exist?