YouTube Options – Tuning YouTube in Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari

On these pages, we have already told you about different extensions for the popular YouTube service more than once. However, most often such extensions perform only one or two specific functions, for example, they cut advertising, add convenient hot keys or change the size of the viewing window. Today we want to introduce you to a browser extension that everyone can do decisively. With it, you can set up YouTube as you like.

YouTube Options Is an extension for browsers Google Chrome, Opera and Safari, which is designed to change the appearance and functionality of the YouTube service and other popular video sharing (Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe and others). You can install the extension in the usual way from the Chrome Web Store extension store or by downloading from the developer’s website. The difference between these versions is that in the second case you will get the opportunity to download YouTube videos as well.

YouTube Options

After installing the extension, it makes sense to go into its settings and thoroughly understand the proposed features. At once I will say that there are a lot of them, so this process can take some time. To the credit of the developers, they implemented a very convenient mechanism for preliminary demonstration of the settings you made on the adjacent illustration, so it’s not difficult to understand the operation of each option. For example, we list some of the features provided by YouTube Options:

  • blocking built-in video ads and annotations;
  • disabling automatic playback;
  • preload control (buffering);
  • smooth resizing of the mouse scroll window;
  • displaying \ hiding any section on the page, including comments, descriptions, playlists and so on
  • and much more…

YouTube Options

In addition to the settings you made on the settings page and are now applied by default, you can change some options on the fly. To do this, use the extension button in your browser’s address bar. When you click on it, a pop-up window appears, in which you can change the size of the video, enable filtering of ads and some other quick fixes.

Expansion YouTube Options quite deserves to take its place in the arsenal of every visitor to YouTube and other video sites. It contains the most complete set of options that you can only need for easy viewing of videos and allows you to customize the look of these sites to your liking.