10 documentaries about space

Earth in the window (2015)

Within six months, the ISS astronauts filmed their lives: New Year in weightlessness, eating cosmic porridge with space spoons, sleeping on the ceiling and orbital gardening. A film about real life for hundreds of kilometers from the surface of the Earth.

Tim Peak. How to become an astronaut (2015)

For the flight to the ISS, Tim Peake (Tim Peake) had to not only become an expert in astronautics and conduct many experiments, including on his body, but also learn Russian. About the nine-month training of a British astronaut in the Russian Star City is told in this film produced by BBC Horizon.

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China’s Great March into Space (2014)

Like other space powers, China continues to conquer the vastness of the solar system. The work of astronauts, scientists and engineers is described in the film Discovery, dedicated to the Chinese space program.

The discovery of the invisible universe (2015)

One of the most courageous experiments in astronomy is the launch of the Hubble telescope. Thanks to him, we were able to see how the stars are born and die, to find planets similar to the Earth, and to more accurately determine the age, size and composition of the universe.

The man on Mars. Expedition to the Red Planet (2014)

Mars for scientists is the widest field for experiments and discoveries, for entrepreneurs – an opportunity for successful investments, and for ordinary people – a chance to realize the dream of settling another planet.

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Rosetta: landing on the comet (2014)

The film is about one of the most complicated space missions – the landing of the device on the comet Churyumov moving at great speed – Gerasimenko.

Pluto: First Meeting (2015)

More recently, astronomers have received images of the surface of Pluto – the star body, at perihelion approaching the Sun at a distance of 4.4 billion kilometers. This event has generated a lot of controversy in the scientific community, which the whole world has watched.

“Angara”. In space in Russian (2014)

A film about the launch of the Angara rocket from the Plesetsk launch site in 2014 – the first heavy carrier rocket developed in Russia after the collapse of the USSR.

Secrets of the Solar System (2015)

Each year, there are only more mysteries in astronomy. New discoveries lead to new contradictions in astronomical theories, and the facts are more surprising than fiction of the science fiction writers. The BBC tells about the latest changes in scientific ideas about outer space.

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Space: Space and Time (2014)

American popular science mini-series about astronomical discoveries of recent years. 13 episodes with a total duration of almost 10 hours!

You can see on the National Geographic channel.