33 facts about “The Game of Thrones”, about which you had no idea

Facts about heroes

facts about the

King of the Night in the series and King of the Night in the book are two different characters

Responding to fans’ comments on his blog, Martin explained that the television version of this character is very different from the book character. In the book King of the Night – a legendary figure, akin to Lanna Smart or Brandon Builder. However, in the sixth season of the series it is shown that the King of the Night and the White Walkers are the work of the Children of the Forest.

The mountain could indeed crush Oberin’s head

According to Time magazine, if the battle between the Mountain and the Red Serpent took place in reality, the Mountain could well crush the enemy’s head if he pressed it with a force equal to 230 kilograms. Icelandic strongman Hafthor Julius Björnson, who played the role of Mountain in the series, is considered the third most powerful person in the world and could easily crush a person’s head like a nut.

John Snow would never climb over the Wall

Experienced climber Katie Mills argues that the type of bunch that the wild used to climb the wall, is only suitable for conquering small inclined heights, but not for climbing a huge vertical wall. If John really broke, he would pull the next one behind him, which in turn dragged the next one, and so on until the whole group would hang on the safety line. And the rope in this case, most likely, could not stand it.

Dayeneris is also the mother of mollusks

In 2013, scientists discovered a new species of marine mollusks that live near the coast of Brazil. The group of marine biologists who made this discovery drew attention to the similarity of the light processes on the body of the mollusk with the silvery curls of Khalishi. In honor of the heroine of Emilia Clark, a new species of marine life was given the proud name of Tritonia Khalisi.

There are 70 different ways to pronounce the word “Hodor”

The performer of the role of the laconic giant Christian Nairn, whose entire text consists of the character’s name, says that you can say “Hodor” in 70 ways. The actor claims that there is a happy Hodor, an evil Hodor, a sad Hodor, a curious Hodor and even a naked Hodor. For those who want to try to chat with Hodor, Google Play has a special Hodor keyboard.

Facts about actors

Cresee is the world champion in spoilers

In 2014, the performer of the role of Cersei Lena Hidi laid out in the Instagram a few pictures with hints for the further development of the plot of the series. It’s worth to pay tribute to Hidey: these photos were not frank spoilers. Rather, they contained subtle clues, on which it was impossible to guess anything if you did not know the plot. For example, a few months before the battle of the Mountain with the Red Snake, Hidey posted a picture, in which she herself jokingly pressed her fingers to the eyes of Pedro Pascal, the performer of the role of Oberin.

The actor who played Aymon Targarien was actually blind

The late Peter Vaughn, who played in the serial of Meister Aymon Targarien, was partially blind. The actor passed away in December 2016 at the age of 93 years.

Arya loves dancing

In ordinary life, Macy Williams, the performer of the role of Arya Stark, is a much more peaceful hobby than killing enemies. 20-year-old actress from 10 years of age studied at a dance school and always dreamed of becoming a dancer.

John Snow met with John Snow

In a video interview, the famous American TV host John Snow met Keith Harington, the performer of the eponymous character in The Game of Thrones. As Dan Snow, John’s nephew, told his uncle, it was a real tragedy that a new John Snow appeared, which is more popular than him.

Buttocks of John Snow do not belong to Keith Harington

In the only love scene in the whole series, where we could see the actor naked, we were shown someone else’s backside. These were the buttocks of one of the members of the crew who replaced the then-broken Harington’s ankle.

Facts about the creators

facts about the

Screensaver is even more complicated than it seems

Incredible three-dimensional map in the screensaver “Games of the Thrones” were awarded the Emmy. For Angus Wall, who directs the work to create a screen saver, this is an endless work. His company is forced in each season to update the animation, adding new lands to it and marking each city with the coat of arms of the one who rules it now. To create a splash screen for each new season, a team of 10 people works, which takes about three months.

George Martin prefers sex violence

The author of the books that formed the basis of the series, finally answered why in his work there are so many sexual scenes. In an interview with Reuters, Martin said: “I can describe in every detail how the blade of an ax crushes the skull and enters the head, but no one will blink with an eye. It is worthwhile for me to describe in detail as the penis enters the vagina – and a stream of angry letters falls upon me. In my opinion, this is insane. In the history of man, the penises penetrating the vagina gave many people much pleasure, which you can not say about axes. “

At the same time Martin is enraged when his mail is stolen

In 2011, Martin complained to readers of his blog that the postal service employee had stolen part of the script “Games of Thrones”, sent to Martin by mail. The writer urged his fans to follow the appearance of manuscripts on eBay. However, the missing scenarios, which described the ninth and tenth episodes of the first season, so still not found.

Creators of dragons were inspired by geese and cats

In an interview with Wired, special effects specialist Sven Martin said that the creators of dragons wanted to do something similar to lying on the ground geese, flapping wings. The movements during the flight are seen from the bats, and in the scenes where the Daeeneris maternally petishes their pets, their habits, according to the authors’ idea, resemble feline ones.

Gray-haired is very similar to a real disease

Obviously, when he came up with a gray sickness, Martin first of all thought about leprosy. However, there is another disease, resembling a terrible disease in the book, – ossifying progressive fibrodysplasia. This rare incurable disease causes the degeneration of the affected soft tissues into bone tissue. As the disease progresses, the patient actually turns into stone.

Everyone says the word “Khalisi” incorrectly

Linguist David Peterson, the creator of the Dothraki and Valerian languages, argues that the word “Khalisi” correctly puts emphasis on the first syllable. The first erroneous version with emphasis on the second syllable was voiced by Ian Glen, known as Sir Jorah Mormont. The producers liked Glen’s version more.

Facts about props

facts about the

Based on the series, the locks for the doors “Hodor”

Everyone remembers the heartbreaking series in which Khodor, at the cost of his reason, holds the door and thereby gives friends the opportunity to escape from the White Walkers. Soon after it was published on the Internet, photos of homemade and then professionally executed locks for the doors of the self-sacrificed Hodor began to appear.

In 2013, HBO and Firebox released and sold full-size copies of the Iron Throne

The replica of fiberglass and polymer weighed 159 kilograms and was more than 2 meters in height, 1.8 meters in depth and 1.65 meters in width. Buy your own Iron throne could be for 20 000 pounds sterling. Unfortunately, now the thrones are no longer produced.

The iron throne was supposed to be much larger

In his blog, Martin describes it this way: “Ugly. Asymmetric. Made from a thousand swords, not from a few pieces. ” In the series, this discrepancy is well beaten: in one of the episodes, Mizinets states that one thousand swords is a myth. He says: “There are not more than two hundred of them, I counted them.”

Valir steel has a real prototype

It seems that when describing the legendary weapons of his heroes George Martin was inspired by Damascus steel. This famous steel from India and the Middle East was famous for its durability, as well as the characteristic patterns on the blade. As in the case of Valerian steel, the secret of Damascus steel production was lost several centuries ago.

All swords in the series have bloodstains

Each sword in the series has the size of a real weapon, and is also equipped with grooves for blood drainage. It is believed that due to these depressions on the blade blood flowed out of the wound, and the sword could easily be pulled out of the opponent’s body. Some historians offer a more plausible explanation: thanks to these grooves, weapons less weighed without compromising strength.

Madonna borrowed the cost Khalisi

In March 2014, Madonna decided to come to the masquerade in honor of Purim in the costume of Deyeneris. But since Madonna is Madonna, and she did not have to dress up in a fake, she contacted the producers of the series and asked to lend her a real Khalisi suit. Those, of course, gladly agreed.

Facts about the fate of the series

facts about the

The series is banned for display in the Turkish army

In November 2014, several television programs and serials, including the “Game of Thrones”, were banned for display in military schools in Turkey. The reason for this was the authorities’ desire to protect young people from the demonstration of “sexual exploitation, pornography, exhibitionism, violence, harassment and other manifestations of unacceptable behavior.” In 2012, several officers of the military academy of Istanbul were fired for allowing the cadets to watch the show.

This is the most stolen series in the world

According to the site TorrentFreak, “Game of Thrones” illegally downloaded more than any other series. In 2012, BitTorrent counters recorded 4,280,000 downloads of one of the series. According to the data of 2015, the scale of world piracy against the series grew by 45% compared to 2014.

At the moment in the series 150 966 death scenes

One of YouTube’s users did a 21-minute assembly of all the murders. True, it also included scenes of the death of nameless heroes of the third plan (for example, soldiers of the Lannister army) and animals, including thousands of horses, dogs and even pigeons.

Facts about how the series got into reality

facts about the

There is a free 8-bit game based on the series

Engineer and author of comics Abel Alves developed and laid out an 8-bit multi-level game on the plot of the series. This is Alves’s first experience in developing games, but he intends to make a few more retro games.

The series helped the farmer save a rare breed of pigs

Thanks to a series that needs traditional breeds of livestock for a medieval entourage, the owner of a farm in Northern Ireland, Kenny Gracie, was able to stay afloat at times difficult for small landowners.

You can now buy Lutewalk

The American Association of Shepherd Dog Breeders managed to breed a large breed that looks like a wolf. This American shepherd reaches 60 kilograms and is unofficially called a foxhole. Just for 3 000 dollars you can become a happy owner of a puppy of this cute dog. At the same time for shooting in the series used the northern Inuit dogs.

Court duel, perhaps, is legal even today

Thanks to a loophole in US law, a court duel – this is not such a fantasy. The last court battle in Britain took place in 1818, and a year later this practice was banned. However, in 2002, 60-year-old Leon Humphreys demanded a court duel with the Agency for Licensing Drivers and Vehicles after he was fined for violating parking rules. Alas, he was refused.

There is a road map of the world “Games of Thrones”

Designer Michael Tayznik drew his own road map (more accurately, a railway map) depicting the geography of the world created by George Martin. On it you can find even references to the events of the book and the series. For example, in the area of ​​Harrantown station there is a warning of a large accumulation of dust “in connection with the restoration of the castle of Harrenhol,” destroyed by the dragons 300 years before the events described in the book.

In Harvard, you can take a course on “The Game of Thrones”

The introductory course, which is called the “Real” Game of Thrones “: from modern myths to medieval models”, gives not so much practical survival skills in Västerås as it tells about the perception of the history of the Middle Ages through the prism of the “Game of Thrones”.

Vesteras knows good wine

There are two blogs that reveal the secrets of the West German cuisine and give recommendations on the wines of the Seven Kingdoms. On the first site you can find a recipe for honey goat in Dutrakian way, and on the second you can get full information on the Westerosian wines gleaned from books and series.

Famous houses have become brands

Resourceful guys from the company Shutterstock came up with “Game brands” and turned noble houses into trademarks. For example, dragon lovers Targarieni became an airline, Lannisters, who always pay their debts, turned into an investment company, and restrained Starkey represent a line of outerwear. But no one, of course, can compare with the agency of the holidays Frei.