Neo SmartPen N2 – pen, which writes simultaneously on paper and in a smartphone

Neo SmartPen N2 is a pen that writes simultaneously in two places: in a special notebook and in a smartphone. Everything you create on paper is automatically digitized and transferred to the memory of the smartphone. Then there are more processing possibilities, but everything in order.

Appearance and equipment

A smart pen comes in a minimalistic package. The Smart Pen includes a USB cable, a notepad for entries and a spare rod.

smart pen

The body of the handle is made of aluminum, there is a pleasant weight in the hand. It’s a little unusual for those who prefer thin and weightless office supplies, but it’s a matter of taste.

smart pen

At the end of the pen is a button with a diode indicator, which flashes when connected to a mobile device. The handle is serious, you can boldly get it at a summit meeting.

On what to write

Use Neo Smart Pen N2 makes sense only if you write in a special notebook. The trick in the page markup, thanks to which the movements are recognized by the handle.

When using the notebook for the first time, it communicates with the application, you need to “remove the seal” by touching the special label with a pen. After that, in the application for it, a separate profile is set up so that the notebooks can be changed.

smart pen

But to change them, you need to contact the manufacturer and order paper carriers. They are produced in different shapes and sizes, but such a position, to put it mildly, is not very convenient. The craftspeople say that paper with special markings can be printed on their own, but it was not possible to find samples for a particular pen.

smart pen

On ordinary paper, the pen of the smart turns into a simple, rather foolish: heavy for simple writing.

What the application can do

The most interesting part of any smart product is just the brains, that is, the software. Neo Smart Pen N2 is no exception. Everything that was drawn in the notebook with a pen is displayed in the application (available for iOS and Android) on the virtual page.

The pen can also work without direct connection to the mobile gadget: everything written is stored in the internal memory of the device, and already when synchronized with the smartphone is sent to the application.

Then connect all possible ways of processing the drawn.

Any part of the page is selected and edited separately. The easiest way to change is to set the desired color to the lines.

smart pen smart pen

The text is recognized and displayed not as a set of curves, but as a plain text, that is, it can be written by hand immediately translated into an electronic form, skipping the scanning and recognition stages (and even more so reprints).

smart pen smart pen

The received data is saved in different formats. Also they can be sent directly from the application to a social network or mail client.

smart pen smart pen

For quick orientation on the pages of the virtual notebook, you can leave notes and bookmarks and the form of tags.

Why all this is necessary

Obviously, this is a gadget for people who love paper. Without digital copies of text or sketches, it’s just nowhere to go anywhere, but there’s something magical about moving a pen on paper. Someone gives out brilliant ideas only with a pencil in his hand, someone does not want to lose the magic thought written on a napkin.

smart pen

Artists for understandable reasons will appreciate this gadget – all sketches from a light notebook can be immediately cast into the cloud.

And despite the “adult” design, this pen will become a super-nod for children. Here, and opportunities for creativity, and familiarity with technology, and the development of fine motor skills.

In general, if you can not part with the paper and are ready to make some sacrifices, like having to buy special notebooks, then the Neo Smart Pen N2 will become a bridge to the digital world.

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