Review of AirPods: smart wireless headphones from Apple



The AirPods package includes headphones in the case, a set of instructions and a Lightning-cable.

AirPods: bundle


AirPods: Carrying Case

The cover has rounded edges, it lies well in the hand and fits in any pocket. Opening and closing the lid is a special pleasure, making the case for headphones an alternative to anti-stress toys.

On the reverse side is a button for connecting to Android-devices and creating a pair with iOS-devices, and on the lower side – a jack for charging.

AirPods: charging slot

Over time, a dark plume is formed under the lid, which must be cleaned. It’s unclear where it comes from: the case is always closed, nobody touches it with dirty hands. Judging by the reviews, many owners of AirPods are engaged in periodic cleaning of covers. What to do, design costs in white colors.

AirPods: case cover

Another nuance is the backlash of the lid when moving from side to side (not in the direction of opening). Scenarios, in which it would be necessary to move the lid exactly like this, does not exist, but such roughness in the technique of Apple is frustrated at least because they rarely occur.

AirPods: case

Inside the case are hidden magnets, with which the headphones literally fly into the cover. The cover is also magnetized when closed, so you can safely throw AirPods at the bottom of the bag – the headphones will not fall out and will not be lost.


AirPods: Appearance

Wireless inserts at first glance seem to be the same EarPods, but without wires and with slightly thickened legs. If you do not take into account the hidden in these legs technofarm, then this EarPods is. And it’s cool. It’s not even skewomorphism and continuity. Simply this is really a very convenient and quite versatile form of headphones.

AirPods and EarPods

If doubts about the purchase of AirPods are associated with the fear of losing the dropped headphones, then we hasten to dispel them: the liners keep reliably. The main cause of EarPods fallout is the wires that constantly pull the headphones down. There are not any.

A real danger lies in the habit of years of taking off one of the headphones while talking and letting go of it. The EarPods insert would remain hanging on the wire, and the wireless earpiece would simply fall to the ground. However, you can rebuild in a couple of days, and for the most unfortunate on sale there are special silicone shoelaces that connect the headphones to each other.


Sound characteristics are the most important part of any headphone review, but definitely the most boring when it comes to AirPods. As in the case of the wired predecessor, here we get a not very ambitious, smooth and slightly tinted in the middle and high frequencies sound.

For lovers of precise specifications, we borrowed the AFC chart from the French portal Les Numeriques.

AirPods: sound

This is a good result for city earphones-headphones, not claiming to be an audiophile device. All the same, AirPods do not like sound at all, although they do an excellent job with the average user’s requests.


Create a pair of AirPods with an “apple” device is very simple. For quick synchronization, the specially designed headphone W1 chip meets the requirements. It’s enough to flip the cover off, and the iPhone automatically recognizes AirPods.

AirPods: working with iPhone

Confirm the pairing by pressing a single button on the headphone cover – and that’s all, the pair is created and has already flown to all synchronized devices. From now on, even pressing the button will not be necessary – the translation will automatically be transferred to the AirPods, if they are inserted into the ears.

Buttons on the headphones do not. The only possible gesture of control is a double tapping. The best thing I’ve come up with is the start and pause on the right earpiece, the Siri call on the left. Another way to pause playback is to pull out one of the headphones.

It is difficult to get used to the new navigation system. In this respect, EarPods is still more convenient. One or two buttons for controlling playback are not enough, and Siri is not a panacea. I, for example, still hesitate to use it in crowded places.

To answer the call, you must also tap the headset twice. The quality of the outgoing sound is excellent: the work of the active noise cancellation system. Therefore, with AirPods you can talk with friends or call Siri even in a crowded and relatively noisy place.

AirPods: charge cover and headphones AirPods: Power Element widget

If you bring an open case to the iPhone, the screen will show the data of the charge of the cover and headphones. In addition, in the “Elements of nutrition” widget you can see the charge of each of the liners. The fact is that they are identical in filling, each can be used as a headset. In this case, the sound will be broadcast in mono, and the battery life of AirPods will double.

AirPods also know how to work in conjunction with all iOS-devices with iOS 10 and above, Apple Watch with watchOS 3 and above, as well as computers with macOS 10.12 and higher. In addition, headphones can be used with any devices that support the Bluetooth 4.0 standard. The promised “magic” in this case will disappear, but, as Android-smartphone users say, wearing AirPods with their devices is quite comfortable. True, Siri does not exist, but with the help of third-party software it is possible to make Google Assistant respond to the tapping.


Fully charged inserts and cover are able to live 24 hours in listening mode and 11 hours of talk time. Without a case, the headphones will work for five hours. And they are charged very quickly: in 15 minutes they gain enough charge to play music for another three hours.

This means that discharging the device will never take you by surprise. It is only necessary to charge the case with headphones once every 3-4 days and do not listen to music for five hours.


We advise AirPods if:

  • you are already equipped with Apple in full and want to complete the collection with one more utilitarian device;
  • you are tired of EarPods wiring cables, but you are completely satisfied with the headphones;
  • you are looking for wireless headphones that will not take up much space in the bag.

We do not recommend AirPods if:

  • you constantly lose everything;
  • you live in a not very developed region where an exotic gadget can cause undesirable attention;
  • you audiophile, which frequency response, CWI and other incomprehensible abbreviations are more important than anything else.

And most importantly: do not forget that the choice of headphones is always purely individual. If any Sennheiser or Koss like you more EarPods, then getting a wireless version of unloved headphones for 12 thousand rubles is not a good idea.

But if you want to get the most from Apple technology, get used to ergonomics and EarPods sound and like to experience aesthetic and tactile pleasure from gadgets, then AirPods you just like.

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