Review of Xiaomi Mi Sports – wireless sports headphones for $ 25


Xiaomi Mi Sports

Again I risk being overly enthusiastic, but I really like the new Xiaomi products. The in-channel Mi Sports headset is no exception.

The design is two capsules, connected by a rubberized wire. Surplus is removed with the help of a holder with a logo. The memory effect is present, but the wire does not dyke on the frost, does not crack and behaves very well for the budget device.

Xiaomi Mi Sports: console

On the right side of the wire is a one-button remote with a microphone. With it, you can accept or reject a call, turn on the audio player or put music on pause.

Capsules are decorated with a metal insert in the style of the first Mi Band. One of them even hides the same LED, which serves as an indicator for connecting the headset to the device.

Xiaomi Mi Sports: Design

Each of the capsules is slightly heavier than the first Mi Band, but much larger in size. On the side of the ear there are additional growths – this is the audio system. The capsules themselves are hiding electronics and a battery.

Xiaomi Mi Sports: audio system

The right capsule is functional. On the one hand there are buttons for changing the volume, on the other – a microUSB port, closed with a rubber stopper.

Ease of use

The headset assumes the wearing of a bowsuit. The zaushina is rigid, made of unbending plastic. The rendered acoustic chamber provides additional contact with the ear. Otherwise, the entire headset would hang on the ear cup.

Xiaomi Mi Sports: ear cups

Although this option Xiaomi also foreseen. Mi Sports pads are longer than the standard used for Hybrid or Piston.

The whole design provides comfortable wearing for any size of the auricle. Suitable for men and women: in the kit there are three sizes of ear cups.

Xiaomi Mi Sports: ease of use

The length and design of the earpiece allows you to carry the earpiece not completely inserted into the ear canal, which is convenient if you want to hear ambient sounds.

The ear cushions provide good sound insulation. Soft, strong. Unfortunately, because of its pleasant rough texture, dirt is collected and poorly cleaned.

Sound quality

Wireless headsets from even the most famous manufacturers rarely provide sound quality comparable to wired analogs, whatever they write in numerous reviews. Mi Sports is no exception. But it has a serious justification: it is an accessory optimally optimized for active recreation, sports and noisy spaces. The main goal of the device is to provide convenience and a musical background.

First about the good. Xiaomi Mi Sports has a very high volume level. Enough even in the subway or other public transport. Voice transmission in both directions is sufficient for any scenarios of use: both in transport and in the silence of the park.

Now about the shortcomings of sound. The sound of the Xiaomi sports headset is bass, fairly bright. But the high frequencies are palpably inadequate, and the equalizer saves only partially. Of course, the sound can not be called dark and dirty – it is sonorous, full. But the lack of support for aptX does its job.

In comparison with the main competitor in the face of Meizu EP-51, the Xiaomi headset sounds more profitable: not so many bass, the sound is more sonorous and clear. But most importantly, the classical landing allows you to feel music, includes the ear itself in the process of reproduction. The Meizu headset has a non-standard approach that does not allow the ear canal to work and distances the sound from the listener.

Battery life

Xiaomi Mi Sports: business hours

The manufacturer states that the operating time of the Xioami Mi Sports headset is 7 hours. However, it does not indicate the mode of operation. Testing showed the following figures:

  • standby mode – 10 hours;
  • low volume (quiet room, apartment) – 7 hours;
  • average volume (office, gym without musical accompaniment) – 6 hours;
  • high volume (street, public transport) – 5 hours.

Telephone calls practically do not shorten the working time.

Connectivity and compatibility

Xiaomi Mi Sports works with any devices equipped with Bluetooth. The proprietary headset protocol corresponds to version 4.1, but backward compatibility allows it to be used for lower version protocols.

There are no hardware limitations of the platform. Mi Sports can become a companion for devices based on Android and iOS. Notebooks and desktops on Windows are also no exceptions.

Results: a convenient accessory for every day

Review of Xiaomi Mi Sports

The conducted testing showed that the first wireless headset Xiaomi called Mi Sports can be considered a successful model. Among its advantages:

  • thought out design;
  • stylish appearance;
  • comfortable landing;
  • good working time.

Since the device belongs to the lower price segment, there are still disadvantages:

  • full sound insulation;
  • large dimensions;
  • medium quality sound;
  • lack of aptX support.

For $ 25 (with the XMWV coupon), Xiaomi Mi Sports simply does not have any brand competitors. This is an excellent low-cost device, more musical than Meizu EP-51 for $ 28 (with a MeizuEPS coupon).