19 crazy DIY ideas for rainy evenings

1. Painting on the head of the bed

Painting on the head of the bed

The solution for a minimalistic bedroom is the head of the bed with a black and white print. You can make a sketch yourself, if there are any artistic talents, or just print out the picture you like.

A blank sheet of plywood, whose dimensions are 5-6 cm longer than the size of the print, will become a frame. With the help of glue or glue gun, fix the picture on the plywood, then hang on the wall at the headboard. Incredibly simple, but what an effect!

2. Lampshade from newspaper tubes

Lampshade from newspaper tubes

This magic lamp is made of newspapers. Create this at home: take boring evenings and at the same time waste a bale of free press from the mailbox.

First, twist the tubes. Separate the newspaper sheet horizontally into four strips. Then, with the help of any thin object, twist the tube. Well-fitting needles: put the needle at an angle of 20 degrees to the edge of the newspaper and wrap the sheet. For strong fixing, the edge of the strip is greased with PVA glue.

Then the finished tubes need to be painted. Do it better on an “industrial” scale: to develop a dye (any that you like: even a wood stain, at least gouache, even a food color) in the tub in a tub and completely immerse all the tubes in it at once. Of course, you need to work with gloves.

Then the tubes should be dried outdoors or in the oven at low temperature, and then proceed to collect the lampshade. Approximately as in childhood they collected wells from sticks, only there is more space for creativity.

You put the construction on a boring lamp and you’re done.

3. Triangular photo frames

Triangular photo frames

A beautiful landscape photo of the holiday can clutter the whole wall, but you can approach the issue with imagination and make a triangular frame. If you make a wooden base from a fairly wide board (you can cut yourself or solve a problem in a construction shop), paint the edges with bright paint and carefully cut and paste the photos on the stand, you will get an unusual decoration for the interior.

4. Paper succulents

Paper succulents

Who said that the flowers of paper – it’s just daisies and roses? How about succulents?

Dense colored paper of muffled and dark shades and a couple of evenings – and the decoration for the interior is ready. It is necessary to cut out of paper more sheets of the same shape and different sizes for each flower, and then collect them together with a needle and thread or wire. Wide sheets are cut at the base and fasten the ends so that each leaf forms a shallow cup. Bend the long sheets with scissors or the edge of the ruler. The hardest thing is to choose the shape for the stencil, but here the nature itself will help you, just repeat after it.

5. Stands for glasses

Stands for glasses

You need to arm yourself with plywood, tools, printed stencils and markers. If you use a special colorless marker that is used to lighten or blend colors, you can transfer with it a printed pattern on the surface of the stand.

The chip of any stand: on the reverse side, write cocktail recipes with your favorite drinks. Such useful supports can be freely presented.

6. Fir-cones


In addition to the New Year tree, prepare small souvenirs in advance. They will need large cones and felt.

Pin the cones with a glue on the stand. It is better to pre-cut a groove in the wood, so that the bumps do not fall and the place of the fastenings did not have to be decorated.

Then arm yourself with a multicolored felting wool and make small balls. The technique is simple: a small strip of wool comes off, a tight ball is formed from it. Then the ball must be immersed in a soap solution and rolled between the palms until it becomes completely solid.

After drying, attach the ball-toys to the fir-cones. Decoration is ready.

7. Door for polka dots

The door for polka dots

Work for half an hour, and the mood will improve. And you just need to buy a vinyl self-adhesive film, arm yourself with a compass and scissors. Just arrange the carved pea on the door in a staggered manner.

8. Shiny sneakers

Brilliant sneakers

Brilliant shoes to raise your spirits. Take red, burgundy and gold sequins and glue – that’s all it takes. Put the paper in the fabric sneakers to keep the shoes in shape, and the sparkles do not get inside. Cover with glue and cover with small glitter patches so that the glue does not have time to dry.

9. Glowing letters

Glowing letters

A hand-stitched signboard made of cardboard and a New Year’s garland will create a mood at a party for friends and dispel the spleen.

Volumetric letters are cut out of a dense cardboard. In the holes made, garland lamps are inserted so that the wires are hidden in the letters’ cavity. Actually, everything. You can decorate the wall.

10. Confetti Vase

Vase of confetti

Inflate a conventional balloon, and then use a clerical glue and a brush to apply several layers of confetti on half the sphere. The more layers you make, the thicker the walls of the vase will be. Allow the glue to dry for at least ten hours. Remove the ball by releasing the air. The vase for the party is ready. You can cut its edges so that they are even and they do not pour paper circles.

The same vase can be made if you attach a lace napkin impregnated with glue to the ball.

11. Pompoms with letters

Pompons with letters

The task of ingenuity, assiduity and spatial thinking are pompons with letters. It’s not so easy to make them, but it’s interesting, and ready-made pompoms can be given to familiar children who teach letters, or to use to decorate the interior and decorate gifts.

To begin with, store woolen threads of the same structure and thickness, but different colors. Prepare several identical cardboard shanks, which will wind the thread. If you were doing pom-poms at elementary school, remember that they are formed with the help of two bagels, on which woolen threads are wound. Then the threads are cut along the edge, and in the middle they are tightly bandaged. Since it is more difficult to create a pattern when working with bagels, it is better to make a pompon two-part, that is, to divide one circle into halves.

Enter the letters in the circle and find each of them a line of symmetry. The letters C, E and the like will line the line at an angle of 45 degrees.

On an example of the letter A we will look, how it is necessary to wind up threads on a cardboard horseshoe. The first step is to make the crossbar inside the letter. To do this, wind the threads of different colors, as shown in the photo. Note that the lower pink part is longer and much wider than the upper, and there are very few white threads.

Pompon with letter A. Stage 1

The next step is uniform coverage of the cardboard base with white threads. Then wrap the whole horseshoe with pink threads. This will be half the pom-pom.

Pompon with letter A. Stage 2

The second half make two more horseshoes entirely of pink thread, the thickness of the layer of thread should be the same as in the first case. Align the two halves, cut the threads around the circumference and tie the middle.

A guide for other letters and other ideas for designing pompoms can be found here.

12. The Smiley Clutch

Smiley Clapper

Idea for those who like to sew. Smiley bag is done quickly. Only color dermatitis, lightning, a couple of buttons and a free evening are needed. Funny bag, funny gift.

13. Flowers in Pineapple

Flowers in Pineapple

Such a wonderful pineapple can be made at leisure from a conventional flower pot with aloe. Clay, drying in the air, paints and brushes – make at least a pineapple, at least an apple, even a pear.

Just remember that before you can shape the pot with clay, the surface should be well cleaned and dried.

14. Soap Jewels

Soap Jewels

A set for creating a home soap can be found in any store for needlework, and the options for its use are large. For example, with a set of the most common forms, you can create a collection of precious stones. First, prepare according to the instruction for the set several soap pieces of different colors, both transparent and matte: they will become the basis for the crystals. When the work pieces harden, cut them into thin pieces with a blade and fill them with a deep shape. Do not put soapy debris densely, let them lie naturally.

Then fill the mold with a transparent base and let it freeze. Cut the finished piece in the form of a crystal.

15. Stand for a laptop

Stand for a laptop

Hooray, you can lie in bed with a laptop on your lap several times longer than you used to. Make a stand for the laptop: for it you only need a board of sufficient size (you can cut it yourself from a sheet of plywood or buy, for example, a large cutting board in a hardware store). Then, from the foam rubber, you need to cut out the pillow, trim it with a cloth and glue it on one side of the board. A portable table with a soft surface for the knees and hard for a laptop is ready.

16. Book-clutch


It is not good to deal with books like this, of course, but sometimes there are troubles. And if there are no pages to browse, and the binding is preserved, it will make a great bag. It is necessary to make a lining of fabric, a buckle with a button and side inserts, stitch them and attach them with a glue gun to the binding.

A detailed guide is available here.

17. Cover for e-book

Cover for e-book

Another way to use the old bindings, which is nothing. To it it is possible to paste a felt lining and elastic clamps for the device, and for additional protection to attach a cork lining. It turns out a hybrid of paper and electronic books.

18. Not just a glass

Wine glasses

Take a regular sponge or a special sponge brush, glass paint, imitation metal, scotch tape and the simplest glass glasses. Thoroughly clean the glass. With Scotch tape, protect the top of the glass, and apply a paint brush with a brush, making the movements strictly from top to bottom. When the first coat of paint dries, apply a second coat. Make as many layers as you want.

Allow the paint to dry for an hour and slowly remove the adhesive tape, so as not to spoil the paint layer. To fix the cover, put the glass in a cold oven and heat it to 180 ° C, hold the wine glasses at this temperature for 30 minutes.

19. Pillow with tentacles

Pillow with tentacles

Any pattern of the pillow for travel can be slightly modified and turned into tentacles: you need sharp curved ends, a fabric of two colors and a decor in the form of suckers.

Suckers on the tentacles are made of felt. Cut out mugs of different sizes, make a few stitches and pick. Sew the center of the circles to the pillow, and on the way your head will support the tentacles of an unknown kraken.