30 creative ideas for remaking old jeans clothes

1. Butterflies

Butterfly of jeans

Butterflies – a stylish accessory, relevant for both men and girls. From one pair of old jeans you can make a dozen different butterflies to yourself and your friends.

2. Bags

Bag of jeans

An old pair of jeans + a strap = a lunch bag or a large capacious bag.

3. Organizers wall and desktop

Organizer of jeans

Organizer yourself

Wall Mounted Organizer

4. The denim holder

Denim jacket holder

Such a cute cup holder can be made even with children. It looks nice and protects your hands from hot.

5. Pillow

Jeans cushion

If you have a brutal bachelor’s house at home, then such a pillow will be very useful. Pockets can be used as storage for the console.

6. Rug

Jeans mat

If you have accumulated a lot of old jeans clothes, you can make a rug from it – such as in the photo above, or such as in this video instruction.

7. Footwear

Denim shoes

Boots of old jeans

Sandals from jeans

If you are not afraid of complex projects, then the idea of ​​making shoes or these “denim felt boots” may inspire you to your own masterpiece.

8. Removable denim collar

Removable denim collar

Such a removable collar is very easy to make. If you have an unnecessary old shirt with defects, it is enough to cut off the collar and decorate it with rivets, rhinestones, thorns, beads or something else.

9. Bag-“holster” for tools

An excellent option for men – a holster of old jeans, in which you can put small tools and parts for various jobs. It is very easy to make a holster. It is enough to trim the top part with pockets and process the slices.

10. Table wipes

Table wipes

Lovers of casual-style are devoted to: a dining napkin with a cozy pocket for cutlery.

11. Apron


If you take a pair of jeans, connect the legs and cut off excess, then the back pockets will turn into breast pockets, and the jeans themselves into a comfortable apron.

12. Earrings

Denim Earrings


On the eve of the Day of all lovers, this simple decoration is very actual. It is recommended for adults and very young women of fashion, and also for those who are in love with life.

13. Gift packaging for wine

Gift wrapping for wine
Bill Jackson

From a pair of jeans, you can also make a gift wrapping for wine with a functional pocket for a corkscrew. Instructions.

14. A frame for photos or drawings

Frame for photos or drawings

Are you tired, stressed out? Take in the hands of scissors and cut, cut, cut your jeans things into long strips. Of these, you can roll rolls of different diameters and use them, for example, to decorate the frame. Instructions.

15. Covers for paper and electronic books

Cover for a book

16. Stands under the hot

Stands under the hot

Another option for a practical hostess is to rework jeans in potholders.

17. Necklace

Denim necklace

18. Upholstery of furniture

Upholstery for furniture

If you have accumulated a lot of old jeans clothes, it can snap on the upholstery of several pieces of furniture.

19. Mask

Mask from jeans


20. Cupholders

Deliveries under the glasses

Each piece of jeans can be useful to you. For example, from the seams are obtained excellent coasters and stands for hotter. Instructions.

21. A hedgerow


Such a non-standard and eye-catching option of using old jeans can come in handy at the dacha or balcony.

22. House for a kitten

House for a kitten

23. The skirt of jeans

In the end, if the jeans have torn somewhere, are strongly dirty or their style is slightly boring, you can paint them, decorate them, curl them in pieces, turn them into shorts or even a skirt.

Skirt of old jeans

24. Galactic Jeans

Galactic Jeans

A few balloons with paint, sparkles and love of space are the main ingredients for turning ordinary jeans into galactic ones. Instructions.

25. Decorating jeans with prints

If you have never done handmade, but you want, try making prints on a pair of jeans, which you do not mind. Take the red ink for the textile, cut out the stencil in the form of a heart and decorate the knees with a romantic print.

Decorating jeans with prints

26. Lace patches and inserts

Big holes on jeans can be decorated with lace inserts. Also, lace can decorate the edges of shorts, pockets and other parts of the product.

Lace patches and inserts

27. Gradient Jeans

Graduated jeans

Remember that a very smooth transition of colors is almost impossible to achieve and the first time the result may not be very joyful. Gradient staining is a matter of practice. By the way, the gradient can be done with the help of bleach.

28. Decoration with rhinestones

Dressing jeans with rhinestones

29. Painting with felt-tip pens

An interesting way to transform jeans, which will require lace fabric and special markers on the fabric.

Painting with felt-tip pens

30. Ragged jeans

Ragged jeans

And even jeans can be cut with a blade many, many times – it will be something in the style of one of the Chanel models.

Jeans in the style of Chanel

Do not throw out your old fighting jeans. Give them a new life! We hope that these ideas will prove useful to you and will inspire you to your own handmade projects.