How to sharpen knives

Than to sharpen

1. Musat


This tool is very similar to a file: a long rod of circular cross-section, with a notch and a handle. Basically it is used to straighten the cutting edge of the knife. Stuck is useful, because it allows you to keep the knife in working condition. But if the blade is much blunted, you do not need an assistant, you need a capital sharpening.

2. Mechanical sharpener

A good thing, which is worth every owner. Well suited for sharpening kitchen knives, as it makes it quick and easy. True, quality is not always pleasing, and blunt knives are as fast as they are. For a kitchen knife this method suits, but no more.

3. Electric sharpener

Electric sharpeners

An excellent way to quickly and at the same time qualitatively sharpen knives with any type of blade, as well as scissors and even screwdrivers. The device is able to imprison in two minutes, and then polish any blade. It is important that it automatically determines the desired angle of sharpening, but we’ll talk about this below. There will be such a thing in the amount of 2 to 50 thousand rubles, depending on the speed of sharpening, steering system and power.

4. Machine with an abrasive wheel

How to sharpen knives

It is a professional tool, with its help sharpen and grind blades in industrial plants. Having no experience, it is better not to climb to the machine: steel is tempered at a certain temperature, so uncontrolled heating on the machine during grinding can irreparably damage the knife. Leave this way to professionals.

5. Grindstone

Knife sharpening knife

Sharpening with a grindstone is one of the most effective ways. This process is not easy, but entertaining. Requires diligence and a certain experience with the bar. To grind, you need two stones: with small grains and large.

There are two types of grindstone: natural and artificial. All the difference in grain size: natural stones are usually fine-grained, they are used for grinding. And artificial ones are initially made more versatile, with different degrees of granularity on different sides of the bar.

How to sharpen knives

how to sharpen knives

Before proceeding to the grinding process, lower the grindstone for 15 minutes in oil or water. This will prolong the life of the bar, as the particles of steel do not clog between the grains.

Begin sharpening with a coarse stone. It is important to correctly place the blade against the surface of the bar, since the end result largely depends on this. Also the correct angle of sharpening is important: experts advise to sharpen the blade at an angle of 20 degrees, but it can vary depending on the type of knife.

  • Professional cook and loin knives require an angle of 25 degrees.
  • Japanese kitchen knives should be sharpened at an angle of 10-20 degrees.
  • For hunting blades use an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. A larger angle is required for greater durability resistance.
  • For domestic kitchen knives enough angle of 30 degrees.

The rule here is simple: I want to make a knife sharper – reduce the angle of sharpening, and for greater resistance to dulling – increase.

To sharpen it is necessary continuous movements, lifting a handle at that moment when the bar reaches the bend of the blade. This will save the angle of sharpening the cutting edge. It is important that the movement of the blade is perpendicular to the edge, with a little pressure on the blade.


How to properly sharpen knives with a bar

When the main grinding was done, we start grinding. This will require a fine-grained stone. Grinding is necessary in order to level the surface and remove the burr. The technique remains unchanged.


In theory, everything is pretty clear, but in practice, the process of sharpening the knife is far from the easiest. You’ll have to be patient and attentive: one awkward movement, and all work is a nuisance. The theory is great, but without practice in this case in any way. And the process itself is not cheap, as good grinders cost a lot of money.

If you just need to sharpen the knives, without all this fetish, take an electric sharpener. The result will be the same, and still this way will save your nerves and time.