12 resources to prepare for TOEFL

Do I have to take the TOEFL? Of course, you can go to special courses, but if you have enough self-discipline and motivation, you can prepare for the exam yourself, because there are plenty of resources on the Internet with useful information on this topic. Tips, tasks, test tests and even live communication with other students.

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a standardized test of knowledge of English as a foreign language, which you will have to pass if you want to study at a foreign university in English (popular in the US, Canada, and Europe and Asia). Today the most preferable in many universities is the Internet version of the exam (TOEFL iBT), to which I prepared myself.

The exam consists of four parts: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Each of them must be prepared separately.

“Do I need to prepare for the exam if I speak fluent English?” I hear these kinds of questions from people I know from time to time. And my answer is always “yes”.

TOEFL can not be compared to any exam in English, which we passed in school, university or courses. He has his own structure, specific logic and tasks. In addition, special attention should be paid to the vocabulary, as the tasks of the exam include texts on topics from various fields, for example, history, biology, geography, etc.

That’s why your result depends not on the general knowledge of English (although you should have a good level), but on how well you prepared for this exam.

A few years ago, when I was preparing for the TOEFL, I was very useful not only for textbooks, but also for various online resources, where you could find a lot of useful information and additional tasks for practice. I hope that this list will be useful to you.

Free resources for self-study

  1. GoodluckTOEFL – on this resource you will find all the necessary information about the exam, starting with organizational questions and ending with the structure and features of each of the four parts of the TOEFL.
  2. Learn4Good is a real storehouse of free practice assignments for self-preparation. The site contains both basic tips and exercises on the structure of the exam and the vocabulary.
  3. NoteFull – an excellent resource with video lessons for the preparation for TOEFL, which was advised by Vasily Shorin. For some of them you need to pay money, but the site also has free lessons. In addition, you can get recommendations and advice from the teacher.
  4. Exam English – free practical lessons for preparation for various exams in English, including TOEFL. Practical exercises for each of the four parts of the exam.
  5. TestPrepPractice – a useful collection of interactive tasks on time.
  6. i-Courses is another tool for practicing for a while. Examples of tests on the four parts of the exam, there is a free part.
  7. Toeflgoanywhere – tasks, crosswords, puzzles, video lessons from the creators of TOEFL. In addition, the resource has its own community, where you can find partners for joint preparation and communication.
  8. Metacafe – video tutorials for preparing for the parts of the Speaking and Writing exam.
  9. TestMagic – a lot of different tests that you can go online, plus a forum and useful materials for training.
  10. Stuff – on this site you can go through a twenty minute test and get a detailed analysis of your answers from the teacher.
  11. Engvid is a huge resource with video lessons in English, including a section for preparation for TOEFL.
  12. Real ESL is a good videoblog of an English teacher from Los Angeles, dedicated to the preparation for TOEFL.

It is not necessary to use all of the listed sites, but some of them can be a good addition to your training, as it was with me.

Is there anything to supplement the list? Share links and your experiences in the comments.