30 sites for those who are interested in space

Getting to know the cosmos

The site If The Moon Were Only 1 Pixel clearly shows the true size of the solar system. The basis of scale is the diameter of the moon. Here it equals one pixel! And do not expect that everything will fit in one screen.

Imagine: to get from the Sun to Pluto, you have to hold your finger on the keyboard arrow “Right” a couple of tens of minutes. It’s impressive!

And that the journey through the interplanetary space was not boring, the author of the project occasionally jokes and throws interesting facts.

On the site Heavens-Above you can ask your location and find out which visible satellites fly over your head in the near future. It also presents a 3D visualization of the ISS, a sky map, a database of thousands of satellites, and much more. Behind the external simplicity lies a great practical benefit.

Google has developed three web pages, where you can look at the starry sky, admire the lunar snapshots or the surface of Mars.

NASA’s Eyes proposes to stand behind the control panel of the rovers “Curiosity” (Curiosity), to study the modules of this autonomous laboratory, as well as to get acquainted with the network of distant space communications of NASA (Deep Space Network). DSN is a complex of radio telescopes and communication equipment located in the USA (California), Spain (Madrid) and Australia (Canberra). They explore the solar system and keep in touch with interplanetary spacecraft. To fully access the content of the site, you must install the program for Windows or Mac OS or download the mobile application for Android or iOS.

Interactive map Solar System Scope provides basic information about the planets of the solar system. When studying the temperature on the surface of the Makemake, the period of Huamei’s rotation or the distance to Eris, do not forget to switch to Russian.

Creators of 100,000 Stars do not recommend using their visualization of 119 617 stars for navigation in space travel, because no one has yet been able to verify its truthfulness. Plunging into this huge cluster of celestial bodies, you will get to know the 89 nearest to us stars.

Assistance in the study of outer space

Project [email protected] uses personal computers of volunteers to search for extraterrestrial civilizations. A person downloads a special program that in the background decrypts radio signals received from space. Thus, millions of people render all possible assistance in solving the problem of planetary scale. Each person invests a minimum of resources and efforts, but on the whole the project receives tremendous support, for which the creators would not have the means.

According to Wikipedia, [email protected] volunteers have jointly burned electricity by a billion dollars.

There is a rating of enthusiasts and a column of the latest news. By the way, so far we are alone in the universe.

The Zooniverse platform brings together professional researchers and volunteers to collect data and process results in many fields of science, including in the field of space exploration. For example, you can become part of a team that monitors the weather on Mars, looks for new planets, or watches outbreaks on the Sun. Register, so that once your name is inscribed under a meaningful planetary discovery.

History of Astronautics

Page We Choose the Moon tells about the conquest of the Moon by American astronauts. Of course, the supporters of the theory of the lunar conspiracy dispute the landing, but anyway, it’s still interesting to look at the simulation of the flight. The whole mission is divided into 10 stages: launching the missile, undocking steps, sending the research module and returning the team home. Each of the stages is accompanied by records of negotiations between astronauts and the ground control center, 3D-visualizations, real photographs and video sequences.

The Rocket Launch History directory remembers all the launches into the Earth’s orbit. It’s nice that the first in the list is the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik-1. In total, there are over five thousand launches from 30 launch sites in the database. And some of the launches, unfortunately, were unsuccessful.

Space content

“Every day a new image of our stunning universe, along with a brief explanation from a professional astronomer,” – tells of his mission Astronomy Picture of the Day. By the way, here come across videos.

On NASA TV live, you can watch the Earth with one of the video cameras installed on the ISS. There is also a grid of upcoming broadcasts, among which, for example, can be interviews with astronauts, rollers on missile launches or outlets into outer space.

The border with the cosmos passes about 120 kilometers above the surface of the earth. In 2012, Skydiver Felix Baumgartner (Felix Baumgartner) jumped from an altitude of 39 kilometers. With direct comparison of numbers, the difference seems significant, but the free fall looked really cosmic. During the flight, the Austrian athlete was the first among people to overcome the speed of sound without the use of an engine. The Red Bull Stratos page is dedicated to this remarkable achievement.

Space exploration

Mankind plans to populate Mars. To do this, you will have to prepare well and, among other things, study the surface of the Red Planet. The task is heavy, but quite feasible with the optical telescope HiRISE, located 300 kilometers above Mars. The telescope is so strong that it distinguishes objects up to 30 centimeters in size. The HiRISE website has updated information on the project’s successes.

The Internet remembers the promising promises of Mars One and the Inspiration Mars Foundation about the colonization of Mars in the next couple of decades. Time has proved that there is as yet no money and technical possibilities for this. Therefore, the joint initiative of NASA and DARPA called “The Centennial Spacecraft” still looks more plausible. Rich and reasonable should overpower the project.

Private American company Deep Space Industries plans to extract minerals from asteroids and use them to build metal structures right in space. For solving ambitious tasks, you can follow the official website of the project.

Space can be cheap and should be accessible to everyone. This is sure the famous entrepreneur Ilon Mask (Elon Musk). Under his leadership, the company SpaceX is growing and expanding, developing reusable launch vehicles and a spaceship. The work is arguing. You can verify this on the organization’s home page.

Space tourism is extremely expensive entertainment. But in the near future, short suborbital flights in weightlessness will fall in price several times at once.

The case for small: Richard Branson (Richard Branson) and his company Virgin Galactic need to refine and test the safety of its spacecraft SpaceShipTwo.

Blue Origin is the third US aerospace giant. All the same huge ambitions and bright prospects. Good luck to Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) and his team!

The company Celestis provides a specific ritual service: it sends the cremated remains of man to near-earth orbit, the surface of the Moon or to the impenetrable distance of space. For today it is the easiest and financially accessible way to visit the interplanetary space.

Space news

In the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet there are several successful projects about everything that is connected with astronautics and space. For example, Hi-News, AstroNews or Spacedaysnote are not an easy way to reveal the simplest topic.

Search for aliens

Did you know that the number of UFO sightings exceeded 167,000 cases. This information is operated by the UFO Hunters web resource. Visit him to study any of these cases and read eyewitness accounts. Here you can leave your experience of admiring incomprehensible objects in the sky. There are many similar sites, but this one looks better than most.

The JTC UFO catalog is interesting because it contains long descriptions of unusual phenomena, the nature of which could not be explained. For example, in 1719 the inhabitants of Bologna became witnesses falling meteorite a failed alien invasion using smoking fireballs.

The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) is a private American organization that, in a 24-hour hotline, catalogs reports about UFOs and contacts with aliens. Since 1974, more than 90,000 records have been accumulated. To be fair, we note that the greatest number of reports occur at a time when Americans are often in a state of intoxication. 🙂 To such disappointing conclusions came the statistics, when they looked deeper into the existing database.

And what sites on the topic of space can you advise?