50 best online courses and resources for teaching web design

If you want to learn how to make websites or pump out your design skills, you will need information. Now there are a lot of special web design courses and paid training aids, but what if you do not have enough money? A guide to free textbooks, online courses and guides will help you discover the best free materials for design and programming.

A special guide is designed to help designers who do not have enough money to train. In one place are collected the best tools, selected by a team of professionals from 140 resources. With the help of more than available (often free) educational programs and textbooks, you will be able to raise your level the same as if you were studying on expensive paid courses in real life.

For the guide, a variety of resources were tested, of which the top 50 were selected and distributed into 4 categories:

1. Tutorials and manuals

Everyone knows that on the Internet you can find free textbooks and manuals, although it may take a long time to do this, and as a result you download something that is not very useful. The guide selected 11 textbooks and manuals for design and programming, which seemed to the authors of the site worthy of study.


2. Courses

Passing online courses, you can get more effect than from manuals and textbooks. In this section you will find paid and free online courses with a pleasant interface, high-quality videos and specialized forums.

3. Online Instructions

It is believed that the best way to learn something is to train with the teacher. The guide presents three sites with the possibility of online learning, and indicates for which level of knowledge the lessons are intended.

personal courses

4. Directories

Here you will find links to various repositories, where you can find the information you need at any convenient time.

So, if you know English well, want to learn design and programming, and do not spend a lot of money on it, the guide for the trainers is waiting for your attention.

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