Do not get into the mind of programming? Try to play it!

Programming is boring. Programming is difficult. This is incomprehensible, complicated and boring.

Yes, such thoughts can really arise when looking at long lines of code, a terrible terminal window and bearded programmers who live in some kind of world. However, this is not so, and even the most difficult thing can be insanely fascinating. Prove this wonderful project Code Combat, which will help to learn the basics of programming in a game form.

The Code Combat site offers us a real online game in the RPG genre, as you progress through the basics of the JavaScript language. Developers have created a full-fledged history, in which you have to manage a budding wizard who performs various tasks in the course of an interesting story. However, the spells of this wizard are different JavaScript commands. Therefore, to go through the whole game, you will have to remember them well!

Code Combat

An important advantage of Code Combat is that the game is perfectly localized, so you do not have to deal with English, in addition to programming. By the way, the game has a very powerful real bonus: the one who will go through the whole game and reach the highest level, the authors promise to help with the device to work in the US. And for those who have already mastered JavaScript well, there is a multiplayer mode where you can demonstrate your skills in an honest duel.

Code Combat

There is also an own level editor with which you can modify the game, offer your tasks or even whole companies. And this is successfully done by a lot of programmers, since a fairly large community has already formed around the project.

If you, thanks to the Code Combat project, are actively interested in programming and decided to master it more fully or to learn another language, here are some more secret addresses – 5 best free resources for learning programming.

Code Combat