How to cook tempura: advice of the Japanese chef

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  • 100 g of flour;
  • 1 egg yolk;
  • 200 ml of cold water;
  • 700 g of various seafood and / or vegetables;
  • sesame, vegetable or rice oil.

This amount of ingredients is designed for six servings, but for cooking batter you may need more products. It depends on the size and shape of seafood and vegetables, which must be completely covered with batter.



The most important thing in Tempura is Klari. For its preparation, flour, egg yolk and cold water are used. According to the chef, these ingredients should be the same temperature, so that the batter has a uniform consistency.

Gently mix the ingredients. If you do it too vigorously, the tempura will turn out to be stiff. Put the cooked soup in the fridge.


Vegetables or seafood should be cut into small pieces that can fit in the mouth.

Nobu Matsuhisa likes to use eggplant as a filling, as it keeps its shape and remains crisp and fresh. You can also use mushrooms.

From seafood, he prefers rock or tiger shrimps. Note that the rock shrimp is quite large in size, and its shell is so hard that you need to use a special device to remove it. Peel the shrimp, make transverse incisions on the abdomen to prevent twisting during cooking, and rinse them.

How to cook

In Japan, pure sesame oil is used to prepare tempura, but you can take vegetable or rice. Do not use olive or coconut oil, as they have an inappropriate optimal heating temperature.

For cooking vegetable tempura, heat oil up to 170 ° C, and for tempura from seafood – up to 180 ° C. Then dip the vegetable or seafood in the batter and send it to the frying pan with a lot of preheated oil.

The cooking time will depend on the tempura size. If a piece of lightly sits down in the oil, and then again surfaced, then the dish is ready. If the tempura has fallen to the bottom of the frying pan, the oil has not heated enough.

Serving dishes

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Ready to put the tempura on paper towels, which will absorb excess oil. Slightly cool the dish for a couple of minutes and immediately serve on the table.

In restaurants Nobu tempura from shrimps is served with salt and lemon juice. To the vegetable tempura, the umami sauce is perfect, which is recognized as one of the five main flavors along with sweet, bitter, sour and salty. Umami beautiful ottenit tempura taste.

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