RECIPES: 3 snacks for a movie show

Trying to take into account everyone’s tastes, we offer you a three different snacks: popcorn with chocolate for sweeties, baked spicy chickpeas for those who want to lose weight to the bathing season, and pizza bytes for fans of fast food in its classical appearance.

Let’s start with the usual snack for a movie show – popcorn, which in cinemas is so fond of salt and butter. The home version is slightly less caloric.

To make popcorn, pour into the pan vegetable oil and heat it. Oils in the dishes should be exactly enough to be enough to evenly envelop the corn kernels, and therefore do not need to turn the process into a deep-frying fryer. Based on the size of our saucepan, a similar amount of oil was taken for a third of the grains.

When the oil is hot, throw the grain into it, cover the container with a lid and keep the dishes on fire for half a minute, then remove it from the heat and shake it for about 10 seconds. As soon as the claps stop, popcorn is ready.


While the corn is hot, mix it with finely chopped chocolate and add a pinch of salt. The latter, as you know, is an excellent partner of chocolate desserts.


Nut cook is even easier. Boiled Turkish peas mix enough with butter and spices, and then place in a preheated to 190 degrees oven for 25 minutes. Every 5-7 minutes we mix beans so they do not burn.


Finally, we saved pizza in a much more convenient format than the original. As a filling, take whatever you want. We have chicken and cheese.

First we roll out the layer of the finished puff pastry to a thickness of a quarter of a centimeter. Cut out the layers with the help of a mold for cutting or a simple glass. In our case, the diameter of the circle was 7 centimeters. In the center, not zealous, lay out the filling, fold the dough round in half and glue the edges together.


For greater reliability, we pass along the edge of the fork’s teeth. Ready mini-pizza grease with whipped yolk and, if desired, sprinkle with sesame seeds.


We put the pizza-bytes in the oven, heated to 200 degrees, for 15 minutes. Serve hot, with ketchup or any other favorite sauce.


Chocolate Popcorn


  • corn grains (dried) – 1/3 tbsp. (60 g);
  • vegetable oil;
  • chocolate – 50 g;
  • a pinch of salt.


  1. The oil is glowing, we put corn in it, we cover the dishes with a lid and wait 30 seconds. After the allotted time, shake the contents of the pan for 10 seconds, and then wait for the cotton to stop.
  2. Hot maize is mixed with crushed chocolate and a pinch of salt.

Baked chickpeas


  • boiled chickpeas – 430 g;
  • olive oil – 1 tbsp. l .;
  • paprika – 1 tsp;
  • dried rosemary – 1/2 tsp;
  • cayenne pepper – 1/2 tsp;
  • turmeric – 1/2 tsp;
  • salt.


  1. Chickpeas are mixed with butter and spices, after which we distribute on a baking sheet in a single layer.
  2. Bake beans for 25 minutes at 190 degrees, stirring the contents of the baking tray every 5-7 minutes.

Pizza bytes


  • puff pastry (bezdozhzhevoe);
  • sauce, cheese, chicken, sausage, ham and other to taste;
  • egg yolk.


  1. Dough rolled to a thickness of a quarter of a centimeter and cut into circles. In the center of each circle lay out your favorite stuffing and a little cheese. Fold the dough in half and go around the edges with your fingers.
  2. In addition, we fasten the edges with the teeth of the fork, and then sprinkle the mini pizzas with the beaten egg yolk and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  3. Bake at 200 degrees for 15 minutes. Served with tomato sauce.