RECIPES: Cookies from TWO components – banana and oatmeal

Today I want to share the found recipe for “lazy” and “healthy food lovers”. The thing is that it consists of only two main ingredients: oatmeal and banana. And for its preparation does not require special culinary skills!

Bananas are very often used in baking as a substitute for eggs, so this recipe can be safely recommended also to vegetarians.

Ingredients: 2 large, ripe banana and 1 cup of instant oat flakes. Optional: chocolate crumbs, nuts, spices, raisins, cranberries, dates.

Preparation. Wash bananas with a fork and add oat flakes. Well, stir everything and if you want, add extra ingredients. Since the size of bananas is difficult to guess, the amount of oatmeal can be adjusted. If the mass seems too liquid, you can add a little more oatmeal.

When adding additional ingredients, you also need to monitor the viscosity. Since if you add too much raisins, nuts or chocolate, the cookie can simply not keep its shape and fall apart. To the indicated number of bananas and oatmeal 1/3 cup raisins or other dry fillers will be quite enough.

The final step is to heat the oven to about 175-180 degrees Celsius, cover the baking sheet with baking paper, spread the biscuits with a spoon and bake for 15 minutes.

From my experience I can say that if you have a gas oven, it is quite possible that you will not have to bake 15 minutes, but 20 minutes.

The author of the recipe says that the cookies are very tasty, both hot and cold.

That’s what a mixture of bananas and oatmeal should look like:

© photo

And this is how the finished cookie should look like.

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Usually I prefer to test such recipes, but for lack of an oven, I can not do it right now. So with the tests you have to wait a little.

If you decide not to wait for our tests and decide to bake it before, with great pleasure read your feedback!

Bon Appetit 😉