How to saturate the body with hormones of happiness

Lethargy, apathy, bad mood, a sense of loneliness, confusion and other psychophysical conditions do not have the best effect on our productivity, motivation, social connections and well-being. Where did they come from? Perhaps you have health problems, and perhaps you just need to push your body a little with simple actions and adjusted nutrition. We will tell you about them.


Endorphins are naturally produced in neurons of the brain in response to pain and stress and help alleviate anxiety and depression. Like morphine, they act as an analgesic and soothing agent, reducing our perception of pain.

Events that contribute to the development of natural opiates of the body are well studied and are divided into three main groups: nutrition, habits and exercise.


So what should we eat to get rid of the emotional load? We answer:

  • Correct dark chocolate thanks to the high content of antioxidants protects from heart attacks, lowers blood pressure, reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol, increases the content of “good” and, interestingly for us, stimulates the production of endorphins. But chocolate lovers should be happy early, because the recommended rate is only a couple of slices a day.
  • Cayenne pepper, jalapeno pepper, chili and others hot peppers contain capsaicin – a substance with a strong burning taste, which affects the nerve cells of the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth. The brain, receiving a signal about a strong stimulus, reacts to the burning sensation by producing endorphins. Therefore, to raise the mood, you need to add to your dishes witticisms. “Burning” food also kills pathogens and promotes perspiration, which is especially useful for cooling the body in hot weather.
  • Some flavors directly affect the production of endorphins. For example, according to the New York Cancer Center Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, patients who inhaled before the passage of MRI scent vanilla, in 63% of cases, they were less likely to feel uneasy. In another study, it was found that the odor lavender helps fight depression and insomnia. Use vanilla and lavender as seasonings, add essential oils to the bath, use scented candles based on them, and also brew medicinal tinctures of these plants.
  • In addition to improving mental performance, including memory and concentration, reducing blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes, treating certain cardiovascular diseases and lung diseases, ginseng relieves physical fatigue and moral tension. No wonder that traditional Chinese medicine claims that ginseng prolongs life and youth, and many runners and bodybuilders take it to enhance physical endurance. The reason is the same stimulation of the production of endorphins.


Every child knows that laugh prolongs life. But adults often forget about this. That’s why kids laugh hundreds of times a day, and their parents – well if a dozen.

But in vain, because a well-known biblical instruction reads:

A cheerful heart is beneficial as a medicine, and a dull spirit dries bones.

If you are far from religion, mention one interesting story related to the healing properties of laughter for the soul and body. And it happened with Norman Kazins – an American scientist, teacher and journalist. Once Norman began to feel severe pain in the joints, and a little later the doctors put him an incompatible with life diagnosis of some degenerative disease. After these disappointing words, the patient decided that the recovery depends only on himself, and discharged from the hospital, giving up medicines. Treatment was reduced to taking vitamins and continuing sessions of laughter therapy. Norman constantly watched the entertainment TV, he read humorous stories, and he did not tire of bursting into tears of laughter. A month later the disease receded, and later it completely disappeared. His own experience of Cousins ​​formed the basis of popular books, and his example inspired many other “hopelessly” patients.

Find an excuse to laugh. Develop the habit of finding something funny around. This is the simplest everyday way to “speed up” the endorphins, which helps to feel good here and now.

Laughter contributes to the production of endorphins
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And what precedes laughter? Of course, smile! But not that unnatural and strained that occurs on the faces of employees in the early hours. And that sincere and involuntary smile, which is born, for example, on the faces of lovers. In science, it is called Duchenne’s smile and is the result of a contraction of the large zygomatic muscle and the lower part of the circular muscle of the eye. That is, this smile is “eyes and mouth,” and not just sparkling with teeth.

Look at the pictures with a pleasant story, communicate with fervent people and do not miss an occasion to smile back.

As a rule, a “long” language is not good, but in some cases gossip can give their positive effect. No, you are not called to talk with tongue left and right, but the transfer of secrets and piquancy from mouth to mouth can contribute to the development of endorphins. Scientists believe that gossip helps “social animals” stay in touch and this is rewarded by stimulating pleasure centers in the brain. However, it is important to understand that the information should be positive, because only in this case it will lead to a surge of endorphins.

Love and sex – the most frequent topics from the previous paragraph. Move from words to deeds! Touching, intimacy and pleasant sensations soothe nerves, give a sense of security and confidence, and also cheer up. Intimate relationships will inspire you and strengthen your physical condition.

Orgasm as a quick injection of endorphin? Why not!

Physical exercises

Go in for sports. This is a quick and useful method of producing endorphins with the effect of deferred action. Any physical load releases into the bloodstream endorphins, greatly improving mood. It is important to mention that group lessons and team games have the advantage. For example, a 2009 study found that rowers-synchroists received an increased tide of hormones of happiness in comparison with singles. Although independent walking, running, cycling, aerobics, too, give the desired result.

Are you ready to take a little risk? Decide to jump with a parachute or jump with an elastic cable, skydiving, roller coaster and everything that seems a little reckless. A small digression from the tranquility zone will help release endorphins.


Dopamine (dopamine) is a neurotransmitter that motivates a person to achieve goals, satisfaction of desires and needs. Developed in the human brain and causes a sense of satisfaction (or pleasure) as a token of encouragement for the result. It plays an important role in the system of motivation and training of people.

Dopamine forces us to make efforts on the way to our goals. Delay, lack of enthusiasm and self-doubt are always associated with a lack of dopamine. Studies in rats showed that rodents with a low level of neurotransmitter chose a simple solution to the problem and were content with a small portion of food. And rats, who were willing to work for greater rewards, had an elevated level of dopamine.


The dopamine diet consists of:

  • Avocados, bananas, almonds, tofu (“soy cottage cheese”), fish, pumpkin seeds. All these products contain tyrosine – an amino acid synthesized in dioxyphenylalanine, and the latter is a precursor of dopamine. Tyrosine is also found in meat and oil products, but here it is especially necessary to count consumption because of the large number of calories.
  • Green and orange vegetables, color and Brussels sprouts, beets, asparagus, carrots, peppers, orange, strawberries and other products with a high content of antioxidants and vitamins C and E. They will help protect the brain cells responsible for dopamine production.


With the right mindset, dopamine does not care what you have achieved: climbed a high mountain or pulled up one more time than yesterday. The neurotransmitter still uses pleasure centers. Therefore, it is important to learn how to break global goals into small subtasks. For example, you plan to write a diploma. Note the writing of each chapter by hiking in a cafe for your favorite ice cream, and the dopamine will inspire you in the remaining way.

Leaders to the note: encourage your subordinates to receive awards or praise for local success, so that dopamine increases their productivity and motivation.

An employee who believes in himself is capable of leaping above his head.

Promotion increases the production of dopamine
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Serotonin helps to feel its own importance and importance. Its lack leads to alcoholism, depression, aggressive and suicidal behavior. There is an opinion that the lack of a neurotransmitter is one of the reasons why people become criminals. Many antidepressants focus on the production of serotonin.

In one study, scientists have proven the role of serotonin in determining the social status of marmosets. They found that the level of the neurotransmitter in the dominant individual was higher than that of other monkeys. However, if the head lost contact with his subordinates (was sealed in a cage), then the level of serotonin in his blood gradually decreased.


It is commonly believed that the food biosynthesis of serotonin is enhanced by tryptophan: dairy products (especially cheese), dates, plums, figs, tomatoes, milk, soy, black chocolate.


The relationship between time spent in the sun and the increase in serotonin levels is tracked: in summer it is higher than in winter. The skin absorbs ultraviolet rays, which forces the production of the neurotransmitter. Of course, in the pursuit of good health do not abuse your stay in the sun and do harm to your health.

To cheer yourself up, open the blinds to access natural light.

Sun baths stimulate the production of serotonin
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Do you experience stress while working? Relax for a minute and remember something good. Happy memories will certainly contribute to the development of serotonin. Think about your previous accomplishments or “re-tap” once again a significant moment from the past. This practice reminds us that we are appreciated and that there are many things that can be appreciated in life.


Oxytocin increases the sense of confidence, reduces anxiety and fear, gives peace and confidence. The hormone strengthens human relationships. For example, he participates in the formation of the connection between mother and child immediately after childbirth, and also develops during orgasm in men and women. The participation of oxytocin in the development of a feeling of love is supposed.

To interesting conclusions came the scientists from the University of Bonn: oxytocin strengthens the institution of marriage! The group of men was divided into two parts, one of which was administered oxytocin, and the second – a placebo. The researchers assumed that the binding force of the hormone would encourage men to connect with strangers and they would forget about their current obligations. However, when the subjects were asked to estimate the acceptable distance between them and the “alien” woman, the opposite was found. Men who are under the influence of oxytocin, preferred to stay 10-15 centimeters further from the object of temptation.

Lovely ladies, oxytocin is able to keep a man next! But what is needed for this?


Hugs, hugs and more hugs! Oxytocin is sometimes called the hormone of embraces. The American expert on oxytocin, Dr. Paul Zak (Paul Zak) even recommends a minimum rate of embracing – eight times a day.

Refuse handshakes in favor of embraces, if you want to strengthen interpersonal relationships.

Embrace promotes the splash of oxytocin
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Oxytocin increases confidence and … generosity! This can be used carefully. Although women know this at the level of instincts, casting a bait about their wildest desires immediately after sex. 🙂 Yes, the peak of sexual relations leads to the release of oxytocin.

The reverse process also works. If you want to strengthen relationships, it is enough to make a person a gift – a hormone will do its job.