How to start playing sports, if you do not like it

Around the practice of physical culture and sports in recent times, there was such a stir that to tell someone that you do not like to rock and run means to incur slanting views and suspicions of inferiority.

What? Do not you like running around? Are you sick? Or just do not understand?

No, I’m not sick. And I perfectly understand the use of physical exercises. But I just do not like them. I do not like to sweat in a stuffy gym, I do not understand how it is possible to spend so many precious hours, winding endless circles around the stadium, and I’m not trying to amaze all those around me with the perfection of my forms.

And yet I give physical exercises no less than an hour a day. Everyday. Both in winter and in summer. Many years in a row. Why am I doing this?

Of course, in order to be healthier. Almost all scientific research simply screams about the beneficial effects of the right (stress this word!) Loads on the general state of the body. And this applies to a pronounced immediate impact on a person’s physical, psychological and emotional state, and long-term consequences.

In other words, sport for me is not a very tasty, but necessary tablet, which should be taken every day. Its unquestionable and undeniable benefit helps me overcome my laziness and boredom. In addition, there are some simple secrets that will help you sweeten this bitter pill, and in time, who knows, even begin to have fun (I’m already almost so).

1. Do your workouts as short as possible. Three workouts a week for an hour and a half is cool. But long and extremely tedious. But short daily 7-, 12- or 15-minute workouts look much more attractive and real. Yes, and fit into your work schedule they can be almost without tension.

2. Choose an activity to your liking. Try to find a job for yourself, which even with all your dislike for the sport will not cause you to reject. Do not believe the advertising promising magical results from the use of different fashion systems. It is better to ride on a bicycle or swim with pleasure, than, cursing everything in the world, to pull iron in a rocking chair. Any physical exercise is beneficial, and those that you did with a good mood do it doubly.

3. Take care of the brain. Many people of intellectual labor do not like sports just because they think it’s boring. Their brains are accustomed to constantly receive and process new information, seek solutions to problems, work hard. During training, muscles work more, and the mind, not accustomed to such an attitude, begins to get bored and get you with your requests to finish it all. Try to take it for the duration of training with pleasant music, an interesting podcast or even a film – let it not interfere.

4. Do not put grandiose goals at once. Someone might say that the poster with the image of Schwarzenegger motivates them to strive for the same achievements. But much more often the complete discrepancy between this poster and the picture in the mirror acts on the contrary: it kills the last hope and desire to engage. Therefore, put before you quite understandable and reasonable goals, which you can definitely achieve in the foreseeable future. This will inspire confidence in you and, probably, even will awaken sports passion.

5. Be more active in your daily life. Who said that for physical development you absolutely need to lock yourself in the gym? If you do not like it, then try to use all the surrounding space as a universal sports ground. Stop using the elevator and escalators, start walking in the evenings and during the lunch break, after all, change from car to bicycle, why not?

Having completed all these points, sooner or later you can easily and imperceptibly introduce sport into your life. And stop hating him.

Good luck!