REVIEW: “Chinese research. The results of the largest study of nutrition and health “Colin Campbell and Thomas Campbell

Which book would you most believe in – the one in which everything is beautifully and nicely told and promised “amazing results in a short time”, or one in which all the data would be based on certain studies and confirmed by numbers? Now a huge amount of books about different diets and how to live long and healthy, and in some you can find directly opposite advice. I remember well how doctors with foam at the mouth argued that butter is death, and then after a while there were new studies that showed that in small amounts it was useful.

Without special education, it is almost impossible to understand all this, and it remains for us to carefully check all this on ourselves. Unfortunately, these experiments are not always safe. The book “Chinese research. The results of the largest study of the relationship between nutrition and health “Colin Campbell and Thomas Campbell differ from such literature in that all the conclusions were drawn from years of research (20 years) and are backed up by a huge amount of statistics with very detailed explanations.

In it you will find not only important information about the relationship of our nutrition with many diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart and autoimmune diseases), but also learn a lot about the lobby in dairy and meat production. Are you sure that cow’s milk is useful and only it can provide our body with the necessary amount of calcium and vitamin D?

What is this book about?

The book was published in 2005, but only recently we got it translated. Its author, Colin Campbell, the world’s largest biochemistry specialist, talks about his research and conclusions about the relationship between nutrition and many diseases.

It touches on all painful topics at the moment – cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and heart disease. And all these authors are associated with our diet.

We are used to hysterical about genetically modified foods, poisoned water or a whole table of Mendeleev in food. Yes, they are undoubtedly harmful. Yes, they are best avoided, but in most articles you will not find more detailed information about exactly how they act on the body, and that is the trigger to trigger the reaction.

Colin Campbell relies on the data obtained during the “Chinese study” and the accompanying smaller works, and gives an example of statistically significant data. This means that the probability of getting into the apple is between 70 and 99.9%.

This study began with the initiative of the Prime Minister of China, Zhou Enlai, who was dying of cancer and was looking for salvation by including the best specialists in studying this problem. As a result, the study of statistical data on mortality in 65 districts of China resulted in a book that changed the lives of many. In addition to studies conducted in China, the same data were added to study liver cancer among poor people in the Philippines. And it was with this that everything began, and to the “Chinese research” Campbell joined after that.

So what can serve as a signal for activating the growth of cancer cells? Campbell suggests that the animal protein is responsible for everything, especially lactose, a protein found in cow’s milk. Also, the author considers him responsible for the increased incidence of diabetes, both the second and the first type, among young children.

Based on this book, the ideal diet is exclusively vegetable food with the complete exception of animal proteins. But the author does not in any way encourage readers to immediately go over to the side of vegetarians. He does not call anyone for anything. He simply sets out proven facts, backed up by figures and own experience. And his experience is quite rich, since Colin Campbell grew up on a farm, where he drank about two liters of whole milk a day, and breakfast without eggs and bacon was not considered the most nutritious and proper. Agree that moving from such a lifestyle to an exceptionally vegetarian diet is difficult.

Why do we constantly talk about the benefits of milk, rich in calcium and vitamin D? Especially for this, the book has a separate section on lobbyists. This applies to both dairy and meat products. Everything is painted according to the points. Particularly amused fans of various conspiracy theories.

Why should you read it?

Because this book makes you think. You do not try to sell a new fashionable diet. You are not called to go over to the side of good words with loud words. You just show a cause-effect relationship on the example of a study that was conducted for 20 years. You are shown figures and give very understandable comments to them, which a person who is very far from biology and medicine will understand.

You are simply presented with facts, and there is already a choice just for you – to try, act, or ignore the data stated.

Personally, the book made quite a big impression on me. I do not really like fashionable diets and books, urging to change something urgently, because the more I scream, the more skeptical I will be about the writing. But this book made me really think about the consequences of what I eat and what I feed my family.

“A Chinese study. The results of the largest study of nutrition and health communication, “Colin Campbell and Thomas Campbell

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