10 homemade gifts for Valentine’s Day

When you think about homemade gifts, it’s not a matter of saving money, because to do something with your own hands, you have to buy different components. So on such a gift can go as much money, as well as on the ordinary, purchased, and certainly more than your time. Why then work?

Firstly, only a homemade gift will have individual features, contain a message for only one person, which is very nice.

Secondly, as they often say, the main thing is not a gift, but attention. Now compare the amount of attention when a person just went to the store and chose a thing and when he bought all the components, thought through the concept and did something with their own hands.

Here are 10 sliders with step by step guide. Use ideas and your own imagination.

1. Money Rose

If you decide to donate money, you can hand them over not just, but in the form of a beautiful rose. Double joy is guaranteed – you give both money and attention.

how to make a cash rose

For roses, you need 5-7 banknotes with any denomination, wire, green ribbon, artificial leaves, glue. Leaflets and ribbon can be bought in the department for florists.

how to make a cash rose

Fold the banknote in half, bend the edges in different directions. From this note, we will make a rosebud later.

how to make a cash rose

We fold the remaining banknotes, as shown in the figure, bending the edges in one direction. Of these we will later make petals.

how to make a cash rose

We put a banknote on a wire, we twist the end of a wire that the banknote did not fall.

how to make a cash rose

When you twist the bud, insert a finger inside the banknote and form petals around it, then it will turn out to be voluminous.

how to make a cash rose

Similarly, you put the petal-notes on the wire and twist it. Make them different in shape, then the rose will look natural.

how to make a cash rose

Fold the petals around the bud and wind the wire with tape so that all the rods stay together.

how to make a cash rose

Glue to the tape artificial leaves, so that the rose was like real.

how to make a cash rose

2. The name mug

Here on the circle letters are drawn, but by the same technology you can draw anything: write a name, make a heart or translate a funny picture.

how to make a mug with an inscription

For a homemade mug with a picture you will need:
a white porcelain mug, scissors, a marker for porcelain, a copy paper (a copy), a pencil or pen, an adhesive tape, a picture printed or painted on paper, which you will translate into a mug.


Cut out the paper from the paper that you want to see on the mug, and the same in size piece of a copy. Copy the copy on the mug with the dark side, on top – the picture, and fix it with adhesive tape.

how to make a mug with an inscription

Circle the contour of the picture with a pencil or pen so that the image is imprinted on the mug.

how to make a mug with an inscription

With the help of a copy on the mug, the contour of the picture is printed. After that, you draw a picture as a marker for porcelain. If you make a name mug, you can fill out the outline of letters with oblique strokes. Looks cool.

how to make a mug with an inscription

After your image is ready, allow the marker to dry for 24 hours, and then bake in the oven at 160 ° C for 1.5 hours. After this, the mug can be washed even in a dishwasher, and the inscription does not erase.

how to make a mug with an inscription

 3. Notepad

This gift is easy enough to make, and you can decorate it as you please. Instead of a pink owl on the cover can be your joint photo, hearts, wishes or something like that.

how to make a notepad

You will need: a stack of paper for the printer (you can use paper of different colors for a more original notebook or print a pale copy of your favorite photo on each sheet), scissors, stapler, glue, designer paper for the cover, cardboard box.  how to make a notepad

Bend the paper in half.

how to make a notepad

Put the future leaves of the notebook on the box and circle the marker. Please note that the cover must be a couple of centimeters larger than the sheets, so leave a few centimeters from each edge.

how to make a notepad

Wrap the cardboard cut from the cardboard in a design paper (you can use a beautiful paper for gifts), glue the paper to the cardboard.

how to make a notepad

Attach the sheets of the notebook with a stapler to the cover in several places.

how to make a notepad

 4. Love message from the keyboard

Original declaration of love from a computer keyboard. You will need: a frame with glass, an old keyboard, a light or dark paint, a stencil and a marker or black nail polish.


Get the right number of keys, paint their protein with paint or varnish and allow to dry. Make a stencil with the necessary letters (you can download the font on the Internet and print it, then cut out the middle with a blade and use it as a stencil). On the dried keys, apply a stencil and write the desired letters with a marker or black paint or nail polish.  04102350-write

Stick the ready keys inside the frame behind the glass. The frame can be bought in the art department or in the photo salon.  04102547-red-and-black-480x450

 5. Ring made of wire

Such a ring can be presented as an addition to the main gift or as a small pleasant surprise.

how to make a ring of wire

You will need: pliers, pliers, a hank of red wire, a round object, the size of a finger.  how to make a ring of wire

To begin with, use a round object to make a part that will grab a finger. how to make a ring of wire

Now with the help of pliers bend the wire, as shown in the figures. how to make a ring of wire

how to make a ring of wire

how to make a ring of wire

how to make a ring of wire

how to make a ring of wire

We hook one edge of the heart and remove the excess wires by wire cutters.  how to make a ring of wire

We hook the remainder of the heart. how to make a ring of wire

 6. Wallet for charging the phone

phone case for handset

For this purse you will need a dense felt, a scissors or a sharp office knife, a cloth with hearts or other ornaments.

phone case for handset

First you need to measure the size of the phone and its charger. The phone should fit freely in the purse, and the square window at the top – go through the charger.  phone case for handset A very functional gift: now the phone on the charge can not be accidentally dropped onto the floor, and if the cord is short, the phone will not hang on it in centimeter from the floor.
phone case for handset

 7. Particles of love

This is a cool little bag with a self-made puzzle from your shared photo. Very nice and original.

photo as a gift

You will need: ink or black paste from the handle, a stencil (you can make it yourself), a brush or a cotton swab, a white rag bag (it can also be sewn by itself, adding the top with a tightening cord).  photo as a gift

We put a stencil on the bag, fix it with adhesive tape and accurately put the letters.  photo as a gift

For a puzzle you will need your favorite photo, a few ice cream sticks, glue and a sharp office clerk.  photo as a gift

Spread the backside of the photo with glue and smoothly spread the ice cream sticks, close to each other. photo as a gift

When all the sticks are laid out, write down some kind words of congratulations from behind.  photo as a gift

When the glue is dry, turn over and gently cut the puzzle with a stationery knife.  photo as a gift

It remains only to put the finished puzzle in the bag and give the pieces of love to your second half.  photo as a gift

8. Recognition lamp

An interesting souvenir with a meaning. On the pedestal of the lamp is written: “The light of my life.”

how to make a lamp with a heart inside

Gently remove all the “insides” from the bulb.  how to make a lamp with a heart inside

From the red wire with the help of pliers we twist the hearts. By the way, if the wire remains, you can make a ring-heart.  how to make a lamp with a heart inside

 9. Book of your love

A small book from your favorite joint photos with descriptions and confessions.  how to make a photobook

Select and print photos on your favorite photos in the same format, so that there is free space for inscriptions on the left.

how to make a photobook

On each photo you can write wishes, a declaration of love or some moments from the history of your relationship, maybe common jokes or something else.  how to make a photobook

 10. Beer for a loved one

This gift is for the most creative girls, whose guys are crazy about beer.


You will need bottles with his favorite beer, preferably with different grades. About the number of determine yourself.


Labels are removed from bottles, and for registration you will need: thick paper, paints, markers, stickers-hearts, glue, scissors and a sea of ​​imagination.


Ideas for inscriptions: riddles, hinting at a beer brand, and at the same time including something like “for a beloved man”; your common jokes related to beer;
inscriptions with the meaning “Especially for you”, with his name, affectionate nicknames, etc. 04112155-third-three-630x450