25 ideas for a new hobby and 50 resources-assistants

1. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing

Lamp Color Work

If you think that calligraphy is only hieroglyphics, then you are mistaken. To cultivate letter marks in the rank of art can be Cyrillic and Arabic script, and Hebrew. And this is always more than drawing. Calligraphy is pure creation and Zen.

Download in calligraphy:

  1. “Ultramarine” is an online magazine about graffiti, street art, design, art and street culture in Russia and abroad. A separate section is devoted to calligraphy.
  2. Calligraffiti.nl is the site of one of the most popular calligraphers and street artists Niels Mölmann, known as Shoe. He is considered the inventor of calligraphy style.

2. Dudling and sentangle – irrational painting

Dudling and Sentangle

This lesson will suit those who begin to scribble as soon as they take the writing tool in their hands. Dudling from English and translated – “doodle”. This is an irrational style of drawing, developing memory and creativity, as well as an independent form of modern art.

Rush in dudling and zentangle:

  • Tanglepatterns.com – a well-known site with a huge number of patterns for creating tiles Sentangle.
  • Zendoodle – a large community for lovers of dudling and zentangle.

3. Marbling – drawing on the water


Have you ever looked for fanciful figures from the clouds in the sky? Then this is a hobby for you: insoluble paints create a pattern on the water surface, and then transferred to paper, fabric or any surface. It turns out very unusual and beautiful, but the process really fascinates.

There are two main techniques of marbling: the Persian ebro and the Japanese suminaga. The first is dominated by abstract patterns, and in the second – circular divorces.

Rush in the art of marbling:

  • Marbling.org is an international community of marbling fans with a library, gallery and forum.
  • Suminagashi.com – a site dedicated to Suminagashi and other types of marbling.

4. Freeze – frozen light


Perhaps you have already met strange young people who conjure flashlights in front of cameras. These are frizlaytery. From English freeze – “freeze” and light – “light”. The light does seem to freeze in the frosty air, when it is removed on a long exposure. With the help of this technique create both beautiful abstractions and solid imagery compositions. The main thing is no computer processing.

Rush in the frisel:

  • Lpwa.pro is a worldwide alliance of light-drawing.
  • Freezelight.ru is an author’s Russian-language art project dedicated to drawing with light. On the site you will find video lessons and a gallery with steep works.

5. Mehendi – a painting of henna on the body


An ancient eastern tradition, which in the 21st century is again on the wave of popularity. There are more and more artists developing in mehendi, and if you are also looking for new forms, then try to paint henna on the body. Another form of mehendi’s enthusiasm is photography in images created on its basis, including in nu-stylistics.

Rush into the mehendi:

  • Mehendischool.ru – online learning henna painting.
  • Nidhi’s MehndiART is the author’s YouTube channel with video mehendi for beginners.

6. Kanzashi – ribbon ornaments


Kanzashi is a traditional Japanese hair ornament that women wear with a kimono. We have this term acquired a new sound – Kanzash – and a new meaning. Kanzashi is the technique of needlework, with the help of which beautiful hairpins, brooches and other ornaments are created. To try yourself in this direction, you will need several satin ribbons, a candle or lighter and a needle and thread.

Rush into Kanzas:

  • Kanzashi.club – a site where master classes and literature on Kanzash are collected.
  • “Fair of Masters” – in the section dedicated to Kanzash, there are many photo and video tutorials.

7. Felting – felting wool


Felting (filing) is the technique of needlework, when voluminous drawings, toys, panels and other decorative elements are created. There are several directions: dry, wet felting, nuno-felting. For work, sheep wool, a special needle or a soap solution will be needed. The hobby is ideal for women and children.

Rush into felftinge:

  • Woolwares.ru – a site about felting for beginners with video and master classes.
  • Club.osinka.ru – forum section about felting on the most popular site about needlework.

8. Isografika – embroidery on cardboard

At us this employment also name a thread drawing or it is simple izoninju, and in English-speaking countries – embroidery on paper (“an embroidery on a paper”). All that is needed to create in this direction is thick paper and thread. Great for sharing creativity with children.

Download in the isography:

  • “Country of Masters” – this site contains many master classes and examples of finished works, including the technique of thread graphics.
  • “Favorite lesson” – a series of master classes on isonity.

9. Patchwork – patchwork sewing


A kind of applied art with centuries-old traditions, when disjointed cloth flaps turn into a single mosaic canvas. In the technique of patchwork (quilt, quilting), you can sew not only a blanket, but a bag or, for example, a toy.

Get in the patchwork:

  • Jacquelynnesteves.com – the blog of Jacqueline Steves, who simply adores the quilt.
  • Loskut.handmadecrafts.ru – patchwork workshop with materials from the paper magazine of the same name.

10. Gingerbread painting

Gingerbread painting

Hobby for those who like to cook and draw. This can be done at the same time, if you are interested in painting gingerbread with an aysing (special sugar glaze). If you really get carried away and get your hand, you can even earn it.

Rush in the list of gingerbread cookies:

  • “Fair of Masters” is the most famous trading floor in the Runet with handmade goods, where among other things there are master classes on baking and decorating gingerbread.
  • Julia Mylle – the author’s YouTube channel for painting gingerbread.

11. Brewing – preparation of a foam beverage at home


Brewing is a whole science. And many successfully master it right on their kitchens. First, the result is provoked: a delicious beer in the afternoon with fire you will not find. But then the process itself is delayed.

Brew in the brewing:

  • “Guide to cooking home beer” – a detailed guide for beginners.
  • “Russian” Wikipedia “about home brewing” – all about how to make a drink with malt and hops on your own.

12. The second life of old things

The second life of old things

Recycle in English means “reusing things”. This is the name of the ecological direction, which implies the separation of garbage, responsible consumption and energy saving, as well as the direction of applied creativity. Why throw away an old grandmother’s chest of drawers, cargo pallets, plastic bottles or wine corks, if they can be given a second life? Just show your imagination.

Download the recycle:

  • Recyclemag.ru – an online edition about an environmentally friendly way of life. The site contains news, articles and tips on how to take care of the planet and live in accordance with the philosophy of minimalism.
  • Pinterest.com – in the most creative of all social networks you will find a lot of master classes for altering and decorating old things. Request – DIY recycle.

13. Customizing – from jeans to bikes


Customizing is the alteration of clothes. Customizers reshape jeans in skirts, shirts in dresses, and ordinary t-shirts are turned into designer ones. Hobby for those who want to always be on style, but not willing to spend a lot of money on clothes.

In men, customization is often expressed in the transformation of motorcycles and cars. Custom-bikes are real works of art, and their creators are usually literally sick with their hobby.

To get used in customizing:

  • “Second Street” is a site and community of the same name, where thousands of masters spread their work on remaking things and are inspired by each other’s ideas.
  • Customoto.com is the site where everything is about creating exclusive motorcycles.

14. Modding – the transformation of technology from the outside and inside


The term “modding”, that is, modification, modification, is traditionally applied to the alteration of computers. The peak of fashion for this hobby came in the middle of zero. Now ruled smartphones and tablets, so modify them, as well as other gadgets. For modern modders, not only the appearance, but also the performance of devices is important.

To swing in modding:

  • Modding.ru – a major portal about modding with a forum.
  • Topmods.net – one of the oldest Russian-language sites about this hobby.

15. Cultivation of butterflies

Cultivation of butterflies

A beautiful and unusual hobby for biologists and romantics. In addition to special knowledge, you will need an insecticide, an air humidifier, a thermometer and other devices to make the fluttering beauties feel good. But if everything works out, then the cultivation of tropical butterflies can become a lucrative part-time job.

Pumping into the cultivation of butterflies:

  • Wikihow.com – a detailed tutorial on creating beauty from the cocoon.
  • Raisingbutterflies.org is an English-language blog of a man who has been growing butterflies for more than 30 years.

16. Contemporary – expression through dance


Contemp is a dance direction combining classics, modern jazz and oriental movement art (qigong, yoga and taijiquan). There are no clear boundaries in it, the main thing is self-expression. Contemporary learns to understand your body, own it and movements express your inner world.

Rush in the kontempe:

  • “Contemporari.rf” – a site about the history, theory and practice of the context. A lot of useful information about movements, methods and techniques.
  • Contemporary-dance.org – a large English-language website about Contemporary.

17. Dancehall – music and dance from the heart of Jamaica


It’s a musical and dance style that grew out of reggae. Especially popular now is dancing dancehall. His dynamics and emancipation are bribed from the first seconds. If you are tired of routine, you need a splash of energy and you want to compete in dance battles, this is a hobby for you.

Rush in the dancehall:

  • Dancehallreggae.com.au is an Australian site dedicated to Jamaican culture. There are a lot of music, videos and news from the world of reggae and dancehall.
  • Dancedb.ru – a site where video lessons and information on various dance styles, including danceshall, are collected.

18. Zumba – dance fitness


At the junction of hip-hop, salsa, samba, meringue, mambo, flamenco and belly dancing, a zumba was born. This direction was coined by the Colombian Alberto Perez in the late 1990s. The maximum amount of muscles involved in the zumba is not only an excellent pastime, but also an effective way to lose weight.

To sweep in the zumba:

  • Zumba.com is the official website of the Zumba fitness brand.
  • Zumba.pro – an online bill of zumba-events. Here you will find like-minded people, information about parties and master classes.

19. Bookkeeping – book carving


Bukkravving is the creation of voluminous compositions from multi-page paper manuscripts. Carving in English means “carving”, book – “book”. The thread of books is popular all over the world, but requires patience, diligence and accuracy. This is a hobby for plodding people with artistic thinking. The greatest heights in this art have reached Brian Dettmer, Nicholas Galanin, Guy Laramie, Kylie Stillman and Robert Te.

Download in buccoving:

  • Briandettmer.com – the official website of Brian Dettmer with photos of the works of the magnificent master and video of his performances.
  • Artifex.ru – a selection of articles on book carving in this creative almanac.

20. Bookcrossing – book exchange


Bookcrossing can be called one of the ways of beautiful getting rid of old books. The essence is that a person who has read a book leaves it in some public place (library, cafe, bookshop, metro and so on). The casual passer-by selects it, takes it back to read it, and in return “loses” somewhere else a book. You can track the movement of books on the project website. His mission is to popularize reading and take care of nature.

To be pumped in bookcrossing:

  • Bookcrossing.com is an international bookcrossing site.
  • Ballycumber.ru – Russian-language site in support of the international movement of book exchange.

21. Postcrossing – postcard from a stranger


Postcrossing is a global project, the essence of which is the exchange of paper postcards. The system gives you a random address, you send a card to a person, and you receive from someone else (one of the schemes). As of 2017, over 676,000 people from all over the world have been registered on the official postcross website. People exchanged more than 40 million postcards. Postcrossing is very popular in Russia and Belarus, because it is romantic and helps to find new friends.

Bump into postcrossing:

  • Postcrossing.com is the official website of the project.
  • Postcross.ru – Russian-language portal of postcross lovers.

22. Geocaching – Treasure Hunt


This is an international tourist game, the essence of which is the search for a “treasure”. Some players make caches, while others use GPS to search for them. For nearly twenty years of history, the game has millions of fans. Plus, that this hobby can be done not alone, but the whole family or a company of friends.

To be pumped in geocaching:

  • Geocaching.com is the official website of the geocaching movement.
  • Geocaching.su – the main site of Russian geocaches.

23. Survivalism – the skill of survival

zlikovec / Depositphotos.com

Survivalists call people who intend to survive in any emergency situation – from natural and man-made disasters to the epidemic. Will happen with them something like that or not – it does not matter. It’s important to be ready! Survivalists collect their anxious suitcase, arrange training games and acquire a number of useful skills (first aid, build fire, disinfect water, etc.).

To swing in survivalism:

  • Odnagdy.com – a blog about the movement of survivors.
  • Survivalbook.ru – a forum about survival and preparation for post-apocalypse.

24. Historical reconstruction

Historical Reconstruction
massonforstock / Depositphotos.com

Do you want to feel like a brave Roman legionnaire or fighting for a Russian prince? Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of historical reconstruction. It is both a science and an artistic creation. Some restore old technique and restore armor, others arrange performances. To recreate everything reliably, you need deep knowledge and patience. The historical reconstruction of many fans, clubs are created, various festivals are held.

Pumped into historical reconstructions:

  • Rushistory.org – the official site of the Russian Historical Society, a portal for professionals and amateurs of history.
  • Reconlog.ru – the catalog of clubs of historical reconstruction, and also the actions connected with them.

25. Volunteering – gratis aid


Volunteering is multifaceted. This is not only work in national parks and sports and cultural events, but also, for example, helping orphans or homeless animals. You can choose the sphere of volunteering to your liking and every day through good deeds receive a portion of new knowledge, experience and love.

To swing in volunteering:

  • “European Volunteer Service” is an international volunteer program.
  • “Dobrovolcytsiorsii.rf” is the main volunteer resource of Russia.

And what are you fond of? Talk about your unusual hobbies in the comments.