5 iPhone applications for financial management

1. CoinKeeper

The main advantage of this program is an intuitive and convenient interface with a lot of informative icons. With simple gestures, you can instantly fix your expenses. Among other things, CoinKeeper allows you to set up financial goals, set a budget and plan costs. Thanks to the tables and charts it is very easy to control the dynamics of funds.

Advanced reports, cloud data synchronization, co-management of the budget and some other functions are available only in the paid version of the program or after registration of the subscription.

2. Debit Credit

This application follows the principle of minimalism. There are almost no graphics in it and all menus consist of text lists. But in terms of functionality, the program is not as simple as it looks. You can create invoices and expense categories, adjust budgets, fix spending, and monitor the movement of funds using graphs.

The developers paid special attention to the reports. Debit Credit displays detailed information about what and how much you spend money on and whether your income is growing. The program even predicts your financial condition based on the planned transactions.

Plus to everything Debit Credit supports import and export of data in CSV format and synchronization via iCloud. To add more than two accounts and to be able to attach check photos to transactions, you need to buy a paid version of the program.

3. Moneon

After the first launch, the application instructs the user in detail using interactive prompts. Therefore, to understand it is not difficult. The program is beautifully designed and does not suffer from a lack of functions. Moneon allows you to record costs and compare them with the allocated budgets. You can create several wallets and control their financial turnover independently of each other.

The developers believe that it is not necessary to take into account income, since it is stable in most people. Therefore, they focused on tracking spending, but as part of a paid subscription, income accounting is still present.

In addition, premium users receive detailed financial reports, as well as the ability to save check photos and monitor debts, co-management of wallets and other additional functions.

4. Money OK

The program “Money OK” also uses icons to visualize the sources of funds and expenditure categories. This it reminds CoinKeeper. But “Money OK” is much simpler and is only suitable for calculating the difference between earned and spent money without taking into account debts and creating financial goals.

The application synchronizes data with other devices and allows you to monitor overall finances with relatives or partners. There is an export function in CSV. The paid version is characterized by more detailed reports.

5. HomeMoney

And, finally, the simplest application in this collection. It is suitable for users who want to follow the history of spending, not bothering over revenue control, budgeting and other subtleties. All data entered into the program is synchronized with the cloud. In the free version there is a fairly strict limitation on the number of expenses per week. There can be no more than a dozen of them.